Sanders Stands By Warren, Floats Tapping Her For Admin Spot If He Wins

On Wednesday night, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) expressed support for progressive rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and hinted at considering her for a post in his administration were he to win the race.

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I don’t care what Liz announces: when we vote on St Paddy’s here in Ohio (FUVM for that GOP of Ohio) I’m voting for Liz.

Come November, I’m voting Democratic.


I am happy to say I voted for her here in Minnesota.


People keep floating her for this and that position, but Mass has a Republican Governor so if she leave the Senate she’ll be replaced by a Republican, we can’t have that.


A Sanders/Warren ticket would be the ticket for sure. We could even dare to think of the down ticket in a positive light. I hope they can put it together for all of us.


The Vermont senator condemned the “ugly, personal attacks” against Warren from some of his supporters, and said he was “absolutely aghast and disgusted with any kind of vitriol online.”

I don’t believe you Bernie. Get back with us when you get control of those folks, several of which are your official surrogates, starting with David Sirota.


In FL polls, Bernie has crossed the delegate threshold only once. He’s well behind among early voters and later deciders. He is unlikely to meet the delegate threshold at this point and Biden will take home all 219 pledged delegates.


So… in other words, 4 times the net difference that sanders got in CA?


Oh awesome…That would force 2 Senate seats replaced by R Governors.
Is anyone even trying to win the senate anymore?


Obama appointed Janet Napolitano (then Governor of Arizona) to be his Homeland Security Secretary and Kathleen Sebelius (then Governor of Kansas) to be his HHS secretary. Both did a good job (and I wish to doG Sebelius was there now), but it seemed to me in New Mexico that the move harmed both Arizona and Kansas and the Democratic Party (in particular) in Arizona.


As for Bernie courting Warren, Warren is playing coy about her next steps. One option for her is to sit back and wait for the Bernie wipe out to happen over the month of March, forcing him out of the campaign and then she picks up the ex-Berners. After the beat down that Bernie is about to get in MO, MS, FL, GA, OH, Berners may simply lose hope in Bernie and re-think their political allegiances (even if Bernie never drops out). In such scenarios, she could benefit and emerge as a distant #2 for the April/May contests.

Another option for Warren is to simply quit the race and endorse no one for now, while endorsing Biden later.

I don’t think she will endorse Bernie. Black voters have spoken. They’ve chosen Biden. You can’t have a future in national elections as a Dem going against the will of black voters (no matter how many times MSNBC wants to convince you otherwise). Warren isn’t dumb. She knows the score. She’ll endorse Biden at some point.


Obama did a lot of stupid appointments like that. I guess he thought it would gain him good will with the Repugs. It didn’t work out well for any of us. Let’s hope whatever Democrat we elect to the Presidency will have a much clearer vision of who he’s (or she) dealing with on the other side.

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You’re straying from the party line about Berners being inflexible and irredeemable.


LoL, but I think you’ll be surprised as to how Bernie fans will react once Bernie is definitively beaten. Once your fave is gone, you tend to get more pragmatic. That bodes well for Biden in the general election.


Don’t forget Tuesday’s scheduled beatdown in Michigan…


Bernie is, “looking for love in all the wrong places”.


Biden will win MI and WA by clear margins, but he’ll take home more delegates out of MO/MS.


Indeed, and I am floating Scarlett Johansson for a position in my household if she’s interested.


Only the “bern it all down” folks are irredeemable. Unfortunately, there’s too many of them. I’ve seen some spouting, “bernie, no matter who” as a directive to vote, but not for the Democratic nominee, if it isn’t the Vermont fossil.


“Tapping” – A little misogynistic, don’t you think?