Romney: Hunter Biden Probe Is ‘Political’ | Talking Points Memo

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) isn’t sold on his fellow Senate Republicans’ renewed interest in a probe of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

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Please, tell us more.


Mitt seems to be having fun poking sticks in the GOP’s spokes lately hehe



Hey Mitt
Like we used to say back in the day
“No Shit, Sherlock”


A driving factor here is the abrupt collapse in natural gas prices (down from $2.80 to just $1.80 over the past 5 months). All these shale gas scams have come apart. Essentially, that was what Perry and Bleyzer were involved in: a) developing shale gas production in eastern Ukraine, and b) creating markets for LNG that was clogging up the new terminals along the Mississippi and Gulf coast. Putin has his own LNG play, but the bulk of Russia’s export money still comes from pipeline gas based on long-term contract prices less tied to the whims of the market.


Romney’s showing some backbone, so far. He took Trump’s worst after voting for conviction, and perhaps realized the water wasn’t that bad, after all.


It’s challenging to categorize this guy. We’ve known him long enough to be pretty sure he’s not the world’s most honorable or authentic person. If he were 9 years old, you’d think of him as “a little troublemaker,” and maybe that’s as close as you can get to what he’s about lately. He’s annoyed Trump is president and he’s not. He thinks that’s pretty crazy. But making a little trouble now and then is all he’s willing or able to do about it.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.


Hmmm, that’s better than what John McCain said and did in 2016. Hope he holds on.

But there’s also no question that Romney will be on that Burisma train. He still wants SecState if the job opens up because Pompeo wants a cushy Senate seat. Mitt would still eat a lot of Trump meat loaf for that job.

This is the only play Repugs have. They cannot raise Trump above the sewer. I mean whatever they find on Biden’s son it will not even be close to meeting with the Russians in Trump tower for dirt on Clinton. Therefore, as they can not raise Trump up there only play is to try and bring Biden down and facts will not matter.

As for it being political, I hope when Dems take back power they investigate Ron Johnson’s actions in helping the archdiocese of Wisconsin cover up child molestation. Ron Johnson and Jim Jordon as Trump’s great defenders is a great answer to Repug issues over gender equality by having two men who protected men who grabbed boys by their P defending Trump for grabbing women by their P.


My respect for Mit keeps going up, and up. Whatever Mormon values he learned are a lot better than the “christian values” that seem to animate the rest of the GOP at this point.


Mitt is already on the s*#% list for the Don, so he has nothing to lose.


I think we already know that Romney is voting for Biden. Still, it’s nice to see an honest Republican (if only just this once).


Keep giving Mitt a standing ovation when he ventures outside Rethugs domain. Feels good to him. Motives his next move. There will be a hero among the evil Rethugs yet.


You have to wonder how many corporate boards Mitts sons sit on. The whole using the family name thing to get ahead is time worn.


Bridges burned and out of ffffront doors to give Romney is the best Romney.


He uses “appears political”, which can easily be turned into “if you’re a leftist Democrat who hates America”.

Considering Biden and Bernie’s age, I really think Mittens is laying the groundwork for another run at the presidency come 2024. By the time 2024 arrives and the cult of tRump has either thoroughly destroyed everything in sight or a bolt of lightening sets all those GOP assholes on fire…he may just be willing again to try another go-around. He’s still got that White Horse prophesy to fulfill, which is still whispering in his ear. He’s always been a little overly-ambitious and vain anyway even when he accidentally does the right thing. I also anticipate, much like Bush, by 2024 tRump’s name will be persona non grata everywhere, even among a lot of tRump’s current acolytes. It’ll be more like “tRump who?” His name may even end up being stricken from all official records. The GOP has a way of rewriting history. In fact, they’re extremely proficient at it. Besides, Mittens at 72 right now is considered a youngster in DC politics these days. Only in DC is there still time for him to consider another run at a job like leader of the free world.