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House Ways and Means Committee chair Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) picked up a primary challenger on Monday in the form of a local mayor who assailed Neal for failing to respond to the “urgency in this moment.”

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Nothing wrong with a primary challenge. It seems to have been efficacious with Nadler.


This is good. Dems need to stop thinking that these are lifetime appointments. The Founders made them two-year terms for a reason.


Hmmmm…I certainly did not expect to see Dems challenging each other over the urgency to get rid of the Dotard in the Oval Office, but OK. I’ll take it. Their campaigns will stress the urgency of this moment to get rid of the Dotard in the Oval Office. I’m fine with that.


I was in Neal’s corner for the first two months, but waiting until April 2019 was a little too much, and then refusing to look at Trump’s NY taxes (which have some of the information) will not by any reasonable streach of the immagination remove his right to get the taxes per US law.

Neal is being way, way too conservative, so I am glad he has picked up a challenger. One can be too much of a hot head (see Al Green) and go off half cocked, but Neal has been the one who has gone too far the other direction.


No issue with this. Ned Lamont’s challenge of Joe Lieberman set the stage for Dems to win in 2006 because he rid the party of its most prominent pro-war voice. After Lieberman’s defeat in the primary (he went on to win as an Indie) the party’s messaging on the Iraq War became clear and consistent and we won back the House and the Senate. That re-orientation of the party around a clear anti-war message then paved the way for Barack Obama to establish himself as a legit contender for the Democratic nomination.

Richie Neal has really not added a lot of value in this time of crisis. We expect powerful members to, you know, exercise power and make their presence felt.


His slow walking and reluctance to go mano a mano was driving me nuts. That could be said about most of them. I’ve got this sinking feeling we may have missed our opportunity.


This is more or less a shot across the bow also for people other than Neal. The other one(s) may well be some Town Halls during the Recess.


“There’s an urgency in this moment in our country, and that urgency is not matched by our current representative in Congress,” Morse said in the video.

Ya think?

Nancy Pelosi is not going to be pleased that her slow-walking strategy of endless investigations is going to be challenged by attracting primary candidates to her bought-and-paid-for incumbents.


In November 2020, correct?


It’s over! We’re doomed!



Not so sure, until she herself is primaried (and no, I don’t think it will happen), she will get any sense of the urgency. She’s following her plan.


This is local news to me (though I’m in McGovern’s district), and I can certainly say that the very, very blue population of Western Mass has been rubbed the wrong way by Neal for many years. It’ll be interesting to see how Morse fares. He’s mayor of a very interesting city with significant challenges (the school system is still in receivership, for instance, beginning in 2015 and renewed 2018).


I believe that both McConnell and Trump would be horrified if Trump were impeached. The only way that McConnell would feel any differently would be if Barr showed the Complete Mueller Report (when Bobby Three Sticks finished it in late March) to both Trump and McConnell.

Unless someone can tell me all of what Mueller found out regarding investigating Trump, we are just spinning wheels.

And, quite frankly, I was dismayed that Schiff parroted the line of “McConnell wont convict” last night on Melber’s MSNBC presentation.


But he kept winning anyway. Anyway, nothing wrong with some competition for a change.


Holyoke is an interesting town.


Exhilarating, isn’t it?


Not a thing. I’m glad to see it. The reason Neal keeps winning is because the liberals of Western Mass are concentrated north of Neal’s district.


Neal should have made the request the day the Dems took over the House. He should have had a contingent strategy in place in case the Dems won in 2018 — and once they did win, he should have spent the next two months getting his "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed.

Waiting until April to ASK was evidence that the guy is completely out of touch with what is happening in this nation. He needs to be Crowleyed


It’s reality at the present time, but would sure make McConnell look like the scumbag he is to more people if reality should change.