Resignation Raises New Questions On Jindal’s Health Care Privatization Push | Talking Points Memo

Less than two months ago, Scott Kipper replaced Tommy Teague as the head of Louisiana’s Office of Group Benefits (OGB). Teague was apparently ousted for his refusal to go along with the Jindal administration’s plan to privatize the agency, which manages state workers’ health insurance. This week, the saga took another twist, with Kipper turning in his own resignation.The administration has argued that the state shouldn’t be in the health insurance business, and has claimed that privatizing all or part of OGB would eliminate 149 jobs and generate recurring savings of $10.2 million, along with a significant upfront payment. But critics have questioned those figures, and the necessity of altering an agency that, by many accounts, provides good, reliable services and has accumulated a surplus of over $500 million. Some have even gone as far as suggesting that the move is an attempt to raid the surplus money.

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