Republicans Want To Gut What’s Left Of The Voting Rights Act. Will SCOTUS Take The Bait? | Talking Points Memo

With a case being heard by the Supreme Court Tuesday, Republicans and their allies will get to see just how far a Trumpified Supreme Court could be willing to go to kneecap voting rights enforcement across the country.

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The new Beer Hall Putsch.


Good article, Ms. Sneed.




Let’s see what is the ‘results test’ of the orange baboon packing the court.


The long term heath and success of the GOP is dependent on voter suppression. People cannot be allowed to vote freely if that party is to hold on to power. Suppression can be dressed up as “fixing a problem”, granted one that does not exist, so there’s a way and there’s damn sure a will.

Lets not forget that Roberts all but declared racism over in America in order to gut the VRA the first time. You can bet if he and the boyz get a shot at total annihilation of it they’re going to do it. They must if they are to stay relevant.


More GOP voting and election shenanigans. Some think this is just the test case before other states try the same:


When rural voters are restricted from voting it makes it harder for rural Republicans to vote too. I’m curious how the AZ Rfers expect to interfere with voting on the reservations that vote D.
When people are told that they are not allowed to do something, they want to do it even more. See Eighteenth Amendment for an example. Telling voters that Republicans are not going to let them vote assures good turnout.


If the Supreme Court does anything to restrict voting rights, then the Democrats need to end the filibuster and expand the Supreme Court. It is WAY PAST time for Democrats to start playing Hardball. Trump says he hits back 10 times harder, then Democrats need to Hit Back 100 times Harder. Democrats are the Majority in this country, it’s time to start acting like it.


ye speak truth bro


Translation: They’ll gut the voting act. Even if it doesn’t help trump again it will help some trump wannabe.


Would be much improved by disclosing the current posture of the case. Namely, that certiorari has been granted and oral argument is set for tomorrow. Might even want to include the name of the case.


This is the true test of the Trump/McConnell/Repub court packing.


The menace was always the GOP. Trump enabled them and vice versa, in a symbiotic relationship.

The two lead stories today bear this out:

  • A sick, sadistic, debauched shell of a man in Trump, blabbering about “love”

  • Two Trump SCOTUS Justices, poised to enable the GOP Plan for Minority Rule


My sense of the storm to come for the 2020 election was when Trump demanded to know who won on election night, and then insinuated that the longer the delay from the polls closing meant that the vote total rigging was underway. It didn’t make sense then since he and everyone else knew that some states tweeked or passed legislation to allow voters more access to vote, whether that was mail, in person early, absentee and so forth. Trump spent so much time getting the dismantling of the USPS underway that he, and I mean someone smarter than Trump, figured out that Dems were going to use mail in voting and absentee voting at much higher rates because of COVID.
So this measure if it had been in place for the 2020 election would have resulted in the delay of knowing the out come of the vote in ND which Trump was against. ND meets to certify their votes no later than 17 days after the election.


We can’t depend on the Supreme Court for anything. The Republicans have a super majority and Republicans hate free and fair elections.


There is no super majority on the SCOTUS. 5-4 is as good as 9-0. Having more just means its easier to reach consensus and allows for someone to float a dissenting opinion. And makes it that much more difficult to swing the court back the other way. (I.e., Garland replacing Scalia would have flipped the court 5-4 for liberals for the first time in 50+ years. Now we have to flip 2 conservatives and no lose any liberals).

But generally speaking, I agree with your thinking. This case will be ruled in their favor; the only question is how aggressive they wish to get with that ruling.

The bigger issue here was that Dems didn’t immediately act to pass new legislation when Shelby was handed down. They should have had a bill in their back pocket ready to go the day after that ruling. But they didn’t, and there has been no advancement of any legislation on this front since…largely due to losing the Senate majority, but no exclusively so.


Doesn’t even begin to make sense. ND is pretty much a automatic win, last time a democrat won was Johnson in 1964 and before that it was Roosevelt in 1936.

IN what way does this hidden tallies benefit them and why do they even bother is beyond my compression.


Certiorari was granted by a clutch of GOP’ers in Robes in a case that would be named “stayin alive” if the name was reflective of what it’s really about.


First line of Ms. Sneed’s article:

With a case being heard by the Supreme Court Tuesday


Might even want to include the name of the case.

Fair enough:


Very good article but reading it just makes me wanna spit. The very day Orange Pustule launches his latest lie that will live forever ‘I ordered 10,000 National Guard troops but Nancy said NO’ we have to deal with the very real damage these fascist Koch/Bannon/Mercer SOBs are doing to the republic. Did I say it makes me wanna spit?