Republicans Plotting New Ways To Make It Harder To Vote | Talking Points Memo

ATLANTA (AP) — Changes to the way millions of Americans voted this year contributed to record turnout, but that’s no guarantee the measures making it easier to cast ballots will stick around for future elections.

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“Republicans Plotting New Ways to Make it Harder to Vote”

Heh. Dog bites man.


Just curious, how would they go about even implementing a photo ID requirement for voting by mail? You can’t really require a photo ID be shown to receive the ballot, because there is no way people overseas/out of state, can possibly do that…and you certainly can’t require a photo ID be attached to the ballot, as that immediately destroys the privacy of the ballot.

Have the state print out millions of ID cards to be included with the VBM envelope to bet sent it? Besides being outrageously expensive, without the voter there to do a facial check, it accomplishes nothing.

I honestly cannot figure out how they would implement a requirement like that.


Ballots are placed inside a security envelope, which is enclosed in a larger envelope that bears the voter’s signature. A xerox of ID could easily be placed inside the outer envelope, without violating the secrecy of the ballot itself in the inner envelope.

Upon arrival, all the credentials of the outer envelop could be checked, then the ballot itself, STILL IN ITS SECURITY ENVELOPE, put into the pile of valid ballots to be opened at some date and then counted. It’s simple and effective, and this is, in fact, what’s done.


The Republicans are writing it in straight text. Someone needs to publish a Primer on Voter Suppression.They are so brazen that they actually announce each attempt as they go and seemingly the intent. So why not. A little Golden Books edition maybe.


Oh, I am well aware of how the out envelope works for signature verification. My question is regarding the requirement for photo ID.

How is it effective? You have a photo copy of an ID, but that doesn’t in anyway verify that that particular voter filled out the ballot and mailed it, only that whoever did had access to their ID.

Theoretically, I could take my father’s ID, photo copy it, take his ballot, fill it out and then mail both back. Or an entire apartment complex if I am the manager and require photo copies of IDs when renters move in.


" Republicans Plotting New Ways To Make It Harder To Vote"
What minority rule brings.


And so it goes.


Both PA and MI have Dem governors. How likely is it that they could pass these restrictions? I understand GA is likely going to be difficult but hopefully the Abrams machine can overcome those obstacles.


Republicans love power, but they hate America.


Maybe require a photo ID to get a ballot. This would allow vote by mail (technically), but would require each voter to appear at some municipal office, with a photo ID, to get the ballot beforehand.
It’s sufficiently both voter-suppressive and stupid to qualify as a republican approach.


What about people overseas/out of state?


The GOP will eventually retreat and shrink into a mostly white, rural, extremist political party.


Been hearing this for several years now. I’ll believe it when I see it. The fact that Trump was able to attract a large number of Latinos and Asian Americans to vote for him in CA, TX, FL makes me think it’s unlikely to happen.


Early supporters of the ID requirement include Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Republicans who were criticized relentlessly by Trump for failing to back his fraud claims after losing in Georgia. A top deputy for Raffensperger has said the ID requirement would boost public confidence and refute any future claims of fraud.


It should. I am interested in the actions taken against RW media. This is a battle for the minds of people.


They hate independent intelligent thought.


They’d have to send a zerox copy of their id.

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Yes, they would have to be exempted from the requirement. But it would still allow suppression of enough voters to give republicans a warm feeling.


With photo ID, they would know which ballots come with too much pigmentation - no guessing required. Makes it a lot easier to throw out the ballots from “those people.”