Republican Nebraska State Rep: GOP Is ‘Enabling White Supremacy’

Nebraska state Rep. John McCollister (R) tweeted out a warning Sunday that his party is “enabling white supremacy” and that he “refuses to be someone who said nothing.”

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I’m guessing Mr. McCollister’s chances of reelection just plummeted.


The WSJ now is using the language of “terrorism” and “white nationalism”. No “mentally ill, video game enthusiasts” in the article.


“The White House didn’t re­spond to re­quests for com­ment.”

White Nationalists Pose Challenge to Investigators

Home-grown terrorists, some motivated by white-nationalist ideologies, often fly under the radar


State Rep. McCollister deserves support for so publicly and bluntly admitting the failure of him and his colleagues in his party in allowing the white nationalist, Trumpian cancer to metastasize.

It would be unproductive to criticism him with “too little, too late”. Although the foot-dragging and hiding from the obvious has been frankly appalling, Republicans like McCollister need to be welcomed so that more like him feel comfortable in confronting the rot that’s permeated their ranks.


It’s sad, though, when the words of a Nebraska state Senator get noticed because not one Republican on the national scene has made a similar statement.


OMG! A Rethug speaks out. Congrats to him and hopefully he’ll get more support.
I’m reading a book on Lincoln and seeing his photo brings tears to my eyes.


Yep, rabid Gop primary challenger being queued up right now.


When even El Presidente is calling for more restrictions on guns, I guess the new party line will be to go for some cosmetic reforms, and the rhetoric will be toned down for a week or two.

Then back to the usual.


It took a while but it is heartening that some currently serving Republican has the courage to speak the obvious truth. Perhaps there is a little hope for the party after all.


I agree. But he says they have to take a stand - but then he does not say what that stand is. He needs to point out specifics of what his party has done wrong - voter suppression, legislating racism - and firmly state that this is wrong.


…says the future former Nebraska GOP representative


They will just bleep over it now. During the election he actually call for taking guns away from people (well, brown city people) and sorting out the 2nd amendment suits later.

This is true, but the man has probably never called out his party for enabling white supremacy before. He’s probably not going to get it exactly right on the first try.


That’s one. Where are the rest?


I don’t know his district. Nebraska is not typical stereotype red-neck country. He might have done himself some political, as well as moral, good.


There has to be a tipping point. Hopefully, we have reached that point now.

Politicians can only spew the party line until they start seeing that the public has turned against that line so completely that it is to their advantage to get in tune with the public sentiment. It’s a sad statement that the vast majority of politicians are followers instead of leaders, but the ones who are smart enough to read the sentiment will at least join in.

It doesn’t hurt that the NRA is reeling and out of cash at the moment.


Good for you. It’s always nice to wake up in the morning and be able to look at yourself in the mirror.


I’m sure their Sugar Daddy in Moscow is working on a cash infusion the trick since Deutsche Bank is in trouble to find another avenue.

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Nah, the NFL starts soon. Kids are going back to school. People will start planning their holidays. There’s the pre-winter yard and garden stuff to do. Killing a bunch of young children at Sandy Hook didn’t create change. Neither will this past weekend. You know that, too. It’s just too awful to admit it now when feelings are raw. But nothing will change. The country has 300 million firearms in circulation. And there’s definitely no shortage of insane, angry, racist assholes.

You may as well be trying to seperate all the ingredients of a well cooked pot of chili back into their original component parts. Fat chance at doing that.


Good metaphor.

If I could predict the future with complete accuracy, I would be able to afford a bigger boat. But I’ve been around long enough to see some changes that were previously deemed impossible…until they happened. More people have health care now. Pot is rapidly being legalized. So I know that change can happen. It just is frustratingly, and discouragingly, slow.