Republican Abortion Revenge Is At Center Of Drama About Getting Biden On Ohio’s Ballot

The Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday that it would hold a “virtual roll call” ahead of the party’s August nominating convention in Chicago to pick President Biden as the 2024 candidate, ensuring that he appears on the Ohio ballot — bringing to an end an unnecessary chapter of uncertainty about Biden’s appearance on the ballot in the state, an issue that other states were able to resolve without drama.

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The other wrinkle in all this is that the Matt Huffman current leader of the Ohio Senate and Jason Stephens current Speaker of the Ohio House hate each other. Huffman is term limited out of the Senate and likes being in charge of a legislative body. The only legislative body available to him is the House, so he is trying to knee cap Stephens and Stephens is trying to knee cap Huffman. Each of them is determined to NOT pass any legislation supported by the other. It’s one of the reasons they couldn’t resolve the whole issue before the legislature adjourned. Politics is cutthroat even intra-party politics


Better than a cat?


Used to live in OH, still have family there. OH republican voters are deplorables. Full stop. They enable this nonsense. A family member visited my state last summer. Lots of questions about whether or not we were concerned about crime and minorities… Stuff about Maine that they saw on fox news. Love family, but they are truly lost.


Aren’t the only minorities in Maine Canadians?


Is that really a fair question when you’re only showing your pet’s tail?



Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a shrewd fellow. His “Who am I to judge” from years ago is shining testimony to that – because of course he does indeed judge, and quite negatively, all while conveying the opposite. It was a clever play. Being gay is a disorder, gay sexuality is sinful, and gay marriages are forbidden: that’s quite a load of judging, but the beauty is that the masses bought – hook, line, and sinker – that Bergoglio, being a thoughtful and enlightened man, does not judge, let alone negatively. Why, some of his best friends are gay!

That he would deliver off-the-cuff a dismissive epithet for gays should surprise no one. But those who fell for his earlier play will have no trouble rationalizing and excusing his new verbal gaffe.

Jiminy Freaking Christmas, these Ohio Republicans are a-holes!!! How in the hell can we get revenge on them at the ballot box?


Re-elect Sherrod Brown.


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What’s on the ballot this year is stuff that is important to all Americans: Democracy with a big D. Does America really want TIFBG at the helm, when he has promised to take away virtually all citizen rights as early as minutes after inauguration?

Stay tuned.

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But if Colorado does it…

Nobody does whiny butt-hurt like Retardlicans.

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And they got shot down by the SCOTUS. The message is clear - states can’t boot Presidential candidates from their ballots except for the specific eligibility requirements spelled out in the Constitution or otherwise authorized by Congress. “Not meeting our arbitrary nominating deadline” does not fit in either category.


It ain’t just Ohio Repugs. It is a nationwide problem. They are ALL assholes, voters and pols alike.


Ohio — where democracy gets no respect.

This is mainly about GOP revenge for Ohio voters shooting down their attempt to raise the percentage of voters needed to pass ballot initiatives from 50 to 60%.

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