Report: McConnell Plans To Get Impeachment Trial Done By Christmas

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reportedly isn’t interested in dragging out the impeachment process against President Donald Trump any longer than necessary.

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“McConnell also reportedly told his Senate colleagues that none of them would be allowed to talk during the trial.”


Edit: McConnell has vowed in a fundraising pitch that “the way impeachment stops is with a Senate majority with me as majority leader.”

Apparently, Senators were not allowed to speechify during the Clinton impeachment. Acting as mute jury.


Dear Mule de Moscow,
Horse. Cart. In that order.


Kinda surprised he felt the need to say this since it would be almost impossible for one to get a word in between “Hear ye, hear ye” and “Not guilty on all charges.”


If they can wait until after Christmas, it might be the best Feast of the Epiphany ever.
And it will annoy McConnell. Win-win.


I’m thinking that it’s better to drag this out and make it what what’s left of his time in office is all about. Make it a referendum on Trump and his rancid GOP enablers. This should be about so much more than Ukraine. The rest should appear to come out “organically”, but it should come out. This isn’t about removal or even justice. This is about political euthanasia and a viable future.


Sounds to me like Moscow Mitch is building a quicksand trap and trying to lure Dems in.

“Sure we’ll have the trial. You just get those charges and vote for impeachment and I promise we’ll get on it right away.”

Now, I’m of two minds. 1, the longer it drags out, the longer Mr. and Ms. John Q. Busyday will have to lose the thread of the fundamental problem. 2. The repugnants will continually reshape the narrative to cloud the issue. 3. Drumpf will continue pulling his Syria-style random fuck-the-world-order stunts.

On the other hand, 1. The longer it goes the more of his swamp creatures get drawn in just to the Ukraine crimes. 2. The longer it goes the deeper the repugs are committed to him as their candidate and the less time they’ll have to recover and create a viable narrative that makes their lame horse competitive. 3. There are so many more things out there - emoluments and tax records, bank deals, family corruption - that keep coming out that will hamstring him and take the veneer off his ‘successful bidnissman’ image.

So… oh yeah - screw you Moscow Mitch


What’s the minimum amount of time it takes him to schedule and hold a vote? Done…

At this point, more than Trump needs to be punished. The GOP as it exists needs to cease to exist. This might likely take more time than the holidays. I’m patient.


Yup. Bonus points for making Mitch cool his heels. Every time he screams about the timeline, she can suggest he bring up some bills for a senate vote to pass the time.


Since when does the Senate Majority Leader get to schedule an impeachment trial when there has yet to be a vote in the House to impeach? I think he needs to be shown by Pelosi, Schiff, et al. that he has no say in when they decide to proceed. In other words, hell no to this whole “Thanksgiving” thing.


McConnell also reportedly told his Senate colleagues that none of them would be allowed to talk during the trial.

There’s kangaroo courts and then there’s silent kangaroo courts.


Moscow Mitch is a son-of-a-bitch who lives in the hills of Kentucky,

He comes and goes where the big money flows and he sucks it up like honey,

He’s a thorn in the side of those who subscribe to the rule of law and justice

He hems and he haws and gently guffaws and with a smirk he’s fucked us.


Plenty of news is still coming out every day, so there’s no reason to artificially shorten the timeline. Day 1 after the senate’s guaranteed acquittal will be filled with that spin and non-stop campaign rallies. Pelosi is too smart for Mitch, so she’ll be working on her schedule, not his.


“McConnell Plans To Get Impeachment Trial Done By Christmas.”

I understand he’s planning to acquit Trump on an insanity defense.


Don’t you know - the senate majority leader always sets the rules for the House. Dems are just too rude to follow that standard.


  • Any Republican

And continue to refuse to bring a vote on removal via the 25th Amendment, should the subject come across his desk.

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“He’d go insane if we removed him, so…”


McConnell also reportedly told his Senate colleagues that none of them would be allowed to talk during the trial.

Because anything they say can and will be held against them by their constituents.


Clearly, McConnell forgot to say out loud, that, in fact, the vote has already been recorded and Trump was acquitted by the Senate. No Collusion. No Impeachment!