Report: McConnell Not Planning To Fire Back At Trump Or Speak To Him Ever Again

People shouldn’t expect to see Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continue to publicly spar with ex-President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post.

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Please keep dividing yourselves further


Mitch has all the power here–he can spend the rest of his goddamned life on Capitol Hill and K Street. The #TreasonCaucus members who should be scared are the House Reps who have to go back and face the feral MAGAts in their insanely gerrymandered districts.

Sucks to suck, you fascist assholes.


I hope you don’t mean by mitosis. We don’t want more of them.


"very surprised” if McConnell “ever says the words … … again.

Finally, acting like a role model we should be striving to.emulate!


Like the Church does with its numerous problems, the Republican Party leadership will try to remain silent regarding their complicity with Trump and his actions with the intent of outlasting the wave of discontent. Do not let this happen.

Their base, on the other hand, actually believe the lies they have been fed that heavily focus on others getting something they themselves do not get (which is a total lie). They will not remain quiet. The problem now is that the leadership can no longer control a large dangerous subset of their base. So in order to survive, they will blame windmills or the Green plan or “put your favorite reason here”, and wait it out, but all the while kicking up as much dust and dirt to misdirect people from locking in on their actions.

Their “false equivalences” are just another tactic. They know most people have a short attention span, and will attempt to run out the clock. This is where court and legislative actions are necessary against voter restrictions, etc. The Republican Party’s strategy (and it’s a smart one) was to and remains to gain control of municipal and state levels of government so they can enforce redistricting efforts to ensure their advantage in elections against an already growing majority who oppose their beliefs and policies. That program is now so entrenched it will be a major challenge to overcome. Same with their use of tactics to load the judicial system with far right “judges” who will support their decisions contrary to the intent and letter of US laws.

This battle is just starting and needs to be continued. It will be a marathon, not a sprint. Trump is expendable to the Republican leadership, but they created a monster and I get the sense they have no clue how to eliminate the problem. Senate Minority Leader McConnell sticking his head in the sand and ignoring Trump and the far right is his best response as he attempts to hunker down and wait out the rage.


Awww, these two guys aught just ‘get a room’. Preferably one with bars on it…


I must admit that I now have a kind of grudging respect for Mitch McConnell. He is evil, but not in a buffoonish manner like Mr. Trump. Sen. McConnell is evil and calculating on the scale of the better Bond movie villains.


Josh Holmes, McConnell’s former chief of staff, told the Post that he would be “very surprised” if McConnell “ever says the words Donald Trump again.

Why bother, when fuckface, dickhead, or shit-for-brains will suffice?


I don’t mean this as high praise but McConnell at the very least seems like a guy who understands there’s not much to gain from jawing back and forth in schoolyard oh yeah? yeah! fashion with the likes of Trump. It does seem like we’ve in some ways come full circle, though, when Mr. Republican is treating Trump with a notable measure of contempt.


Looks like Mitch is quite happy taking up free rent in Donnie’s id.

Just publicly saying that you’re going to ignore the Great Narcissist is going to induce a rage…and keep simmering for months to come…

I’m here for it.



I’m hoping that Mitch will be the least of T’s worries very soon now. He might not even remember who he is.

ETA: just saw this post. Hahaha!


Hey Texas, Ted Cruz found your heat in Mexico
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Dear media,

Time to stop giving the former president unnecessary air.

As for Mitch, he’s the minority leader in the Senate, representing a party with no policies of benefit to the nation as a whole. Please treat him accordingly.


[McConnell] “will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country.”

Donald Trump agrees with liberals.


Oh, dear. Putting it out there that McConnell will not respond will only encourage Trump to engage in 24/7 sniping, hundreds of unanswered shots, and when McConnell actually does respond, it will seem like a victory for Trump–that Trump cannot be ignored.

Better to just call Trump a little bitch, then say he’ll be too busy trying to salvage what’s left of the wreckage to constantly change Trump’s diapers for him.


McConnell used him like a cumrag then threw him in the trash.


Oh, my, the 24-hour news cycle will have less to harumph about if McConnell won’t lob back.

Eventually, McConnell’s words might sink in somewhere, regardless of Trump’s protestations. In fact, the more Trump (and his clown editors) responds, the better to remind people that there are some highly placed Repubs who do think Trump was responsible, even if they wimped out on impeachment.

Sometimes being silent speaks volumes. Silence is golden.

Next, on to Texas and how the long-standing Republican government there has done such a stellar job of planning and protecting the citizens there! (I’m sitting here near Philadelphia, where it’s going to snow another 5 inches or so today. Our heat and electricity are just fine, even if we do have a Democratic governor. Oh, dear. Making sure we have heat and electricity … isn’t that … socialism?!)


There’s that measure of contempt we were discussing. :smile: