Report: Gaetz Buddy Greenberg Assisting Feds In Investigation Into Lawmaker

Joel Greenberg, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) associate who has been slapped with dozens of criminal charges, is reportedly assisting Justice Department investigators in their inquiry into whether the Republican lawmaker made cash payments for sex and had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old.

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Harlan Hill, a spokesperson for Gaetz, told the Times that Greenberg was “trying to ensnare innocent people in his troubles.”

I hope Gaetz and Greenberg damage each other beyond repair.

If they take Harlan Hill down with them, so much the better. Here he is in a nutshell:


Greenburg has allegedly been cooperating for several months. Yet by my count there have been at least two sets of new charges and indictments leveled against him AFTER his initial charges and the start of his cooperation. Does this mean DOJ was dissatisfied with his candor and value, and thus was applying more pressure? If I was truly a cooperative witness providing valuable, full testimony I’d look askance at being slapped with additional counts amidst my help to those adding the charges, no? There seems much going on under the surface we won’t be aware of for awhile.


As you say, it’s a matter of degree …


There’s more. Matt and his pals have been busy.


Another way to look at this, is that they’ve had plenty of time to get the goods on Gaetz, and are failing. This latest flood of leaks might be a last-ditch effort to spur new witnesses to come forward against Gaetz. Also, it appears that the girl (who was 17 at the time) doesn’t want to cooperate.


I’m kind of surprised that just having the Venmo receipts hasn’t gotten Gaetz indicted yet. Follow the money.

OT: in other news, we just got a great candidate throwing her hat into the ring for Senator in Wisconsin to run against RoJo:

Wisconsin state treasurer Sarah Godlewski launches Senate bid | TheHill

This is a good candidate - younger, good name recognition throughout the State. Met her personally when Evers was campaigning and brought his executive team of candidates (him, the Lt. Gov and her) on a campaign stop here. This is hopeful and just what the Dems need.


The Gaetz are wide open now. I’d imagine a rather torrid Thursday topped tantalizing by a totally disgraced and hopefully silent Mat.


I think it’s more a case of multiple people being involved, and they’re going to get as many of them as they can.


Does it hurt a Republican lawmaker to have to register as a sex offender? Asking for a friend.


It would appear that the recent crop of GOPers don’t think any more carefully about the reliability of their co-conspirators than they do about the quality of their candidates for federal office.


It’s just a case of not thinking at all.

There’s an entitlement quality to being a GQP that presumes everyone is just as corrupt as you are, so why give it a second thought?


No one will be convicted on Greenberg’s testimony anyway providing his testimony is all they have.
With his past history and being such a slime, any defense attorney worth their salt will render his testimony moot.

And anything he says will be viewed as a slimy individual trying to save himself by offering up others. Rarely does this type of criminal witness carry much credibility.

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Good Morning Mr. Gaetz! How are you doing this sunny day?


Not at all, and especially for Republican candidates. Awesome street cred.


Anything’s possible. All I can say is in an entirely unrelated case it seems a trusted township manager in the region was put on leave and later fired after suspicious transactions were noted by the bank. All this began in the early spring of 2019. It emerged that the manager had allegedly embezzled something like $3 million over a period of years. There’s really no question what happened and no lack of damning evidence. And still the trial hasn’t been scheduled yet and may not, in part because of covid-related delays, until the end of the year. So that’s nearly three years, if it does even happen then. There’s no reason not to speculate, but just because a case feels like it’s limping along slowly that may not be true.


Donald Trump has lived his entire life in a protective bubble. If Mr. Gaetz can copy him: steamroll through these horrible allegations by sheer shamelessness and bravado, he will gain a measure of grudging respect from me. I don’t think he will be successful, however…


OK then. It probably would not be a bad thing to do time in prison as a child rapist either.