Report: Former U.S. Attorney Liu Resigns After Trump Withdraws Nom For Treasury Post | Talking Points Memo

Jessie Liu, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, has resigned from the Treasury Department after having her nomination to a new post in the department withdrawn by the President, CNN reported citing an unnamed administration official.

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$500 Trump Bucks ™ that she’s got Pacific Rim grifting in her resume.


Criminal IMPotus is an equal opportunity revanchist…he is now targeting the jury foreman in Stone’s case after he has extracted his revenge on the people who has the authority to tell the truth or affect his and his family/BFFs corruption or criminality!


Is Liu leaving on her own to save her soul or is this administration house-cleaning? She’s well out of it, but who’s protecting our country?


Trump is protecting our country until Putin takes over.


“Bill Barr announced that his close adviser Timothy Shea would be taking over as U.S. Attorney on an interim basis, even though Liu had not been confirmed for her new role at the Treasury Department yet.”

If only we could’ve seen this coming.


The House should just subpoena her anyway.


Over the next few months, Trump’s behavior will be so completely unhinged it will make the last three years seem positively tame by comparison. And Senate Republicans will have to own everything Trump does from now on. Will it finally break them? Who knows, but I doubt most of them will sleep well from for the rest of this year.


If you know things, Ms. Liu - and I expect you do - please speak out.


Who will be the last to turn out the lights? Vladimir Putin??

The Purge: DoJ Edition

If it isn’t already clear, these federal departments will need to be rebuilt from the ground up, post-Trump.


" Report: Former U.S. Attorney Liu Resigns After Trump Withdraws Nom For Treasury Post"

The result he wanted.


" 2 a.m. tweet"

Actually, $10 million is the lowest denomination in that debased currency:

The only thing that disrupts their sleep is knowing that when they’re on one of their many senate recesses they’ll have to return and look for the nearest reporter with a mic in a hallway. Will that reporter be nearby and will he recognize the media whore who’s just shown up.


What is that supposed to

The actual republican party died years ago, and this group that now uses the name will die in November. Sure, some will get reelected in states that will use their last dying breath to vote red, but they will be in the minority. They’ve lost 650 seats across the country since Donald Trump took office at various levels of government, many left because they did not want to be in a minority party. trump’s name will not help them in their afterlife either, just like those who supported Nixon up to the end, that support is all they will be remembered for no matter what else they do.

I wonder how many running in November would prefer that trump not endorse them?


Not a who but a what: the big beautiful wall on the southern border.

@Thane I wonder how many running in November would prefer that trump not endorse them?

All of them Katie, esp the candidates from VA and LA he showed up for and who lost.


Putin got what he wanted from trump*, and it doesn’t matter if trump* did these things purposely or not. Putin could care less what happens to trump* now, just like you do not care what happens to a stick of dynamite after you throw it in a building.


One thing Trump has exposed: We are a nation of cowards, very few have dared speak the truth, and the few that have, have been abandoned to face retribution from the president and the savagery of the Right Wing media by themselves. John Kelly has now timidly, kinda say nice things about Lt. Col Vindman. It is remarkable because he is the only one.