READ: Special Adviser For Ukraine Negotiations Was Wary Of Politicized Policy | Talking Points Memo

The House impeachment inquiry on Monday released a transcript of the testimony of Catherine Croft, special adviser for Ukraine negotiations and a former aide to then-U.S. special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker.

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Dictatorships do this all the tyme…

What’s the problem?


Not being that smart, I am starting to believe the Republicans are bad people.:grimacing:


“Livingston described the ambassador as an Obama holdover and ‘associated with George Soros’.”

The GOP should just come right out and accuse the entire impeachment effort of being a Jewish cabal.


I’ve given up on the 30% of donnie diehards in this country. I just hope that the middle 20% will really pay attention to these testimonies.

It is SO obvious how warped, twisted and ILLEGAL the machinations of this badministration has been toward Ukraine.


Oooh, there’s a nugget…Mulvaney thought that being OMB director gave him the ability to stop payments for anything that he questioned. I wonder how many times he has used that policy that we haven’t heard about…it doesn’t sound like part of the job of OMB to stop Congressional funding due to political considerations. That digs his hole a bit deeper, he really deserves some punishment for his abuse of power.


He’ll say anything for money. It’s all about the shekels with those Louisiana boys.


So it wasn’t Mulvaney’s first spin on the dance floor of putting holds on miilitary aide to Ukraine.

The one-time hardliner in the house, was by 2017, already afraid of upsetting Putin.

Mick, I think the fall guy target may be pointing a little more directly at you, for the moment, than at Rudes. Not that I care which order you fall to be the scape goat for the president. Both of you are mendacious as hell.


USA Today fills in whom Livingston was lobbying for:

His clients included a coalition of Ukrainian steel companies and an obscure company created to support Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister of Ukraine.

He insists he was just a “concerned American citizen” which… is just so patriotic of him!


Each one of these plates is a side hustle for someone. But who is the man who keeps them separate but spinning?


The issue is dumb or evil. The most likely answer is varying degrees of both. But it is interesting that they often try to use being dumb as an excuse for doing evil.


Croft identified another, earlier hold that originated in the White House budget office in late 2017 or early 2018, on a delivery of Javelin missiles to Ukraine. Budget director (and now-White House chief of staff) Mick Mulvaney raised concerns about “the Russian reaction” to the provision. The objection itself was unusual, Croft testified, given the office’s focus on budget matters. The hold lasted a week or two, Croft said. Eventually, she and a colleague briefed Mulvaney on the decision to deliver the Javelins, and the hold was lifted “within a day or two.”

Wasn’t this the first extortion they did where they had Ukraine drop the Manafort investigation?


Mulvaney is so screwed…good!


“Croft also testified regarding White House holds on Ukraine military assistance. She said she was “very surprised” when two Ukrainian embassy officials contacted her about the military aid to Ukraine that the White House held up. “They found out very early or much earlier than I expected them to” about the hold, Croft said, though she didn’t remember the exact date she met with the diplomats.”

Seems to blow up the GOP’s talking points memo right there, but we need that date nailed down, stat.


As if it will stop them from pushing the lie.

The age old debate, Team stupid or Team evil.


And he didn’t even get a kiss.


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Mick Mulvaney raised concerns about “the Russian reaction” to the provision.

Wouldn’t want to get Putin upset, now would we? This administration knows you gotta please your boss.


Well, if she is, she certainly hasn’t been attending staff meetings.