Radio Traffic Shows Pence Security Detail’s Panic During Capitol Attack

The Jan. 6 Committee on Thursday used radio traffic and the account of a White House security official to illustrate just how close of a call things were for Mike Pence — and for his Secret Service agents — during the heart of the attack. 

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I thought those people in the Capital on Jan. 6 were just tourists taking in the sights.


I think you meant “zeroing in their sights”.


Of course, as we all know, they were not. They were ignorant, violent lemmings following the narcissist pied-piper Trump off the cliff. Only he has yet to plunge off that cliff.


The recordings I heard were chilling and harrowing.


Aside from the content, my take-away from those recordings was the intense anxiety in the breathing of the back and forth radio transmissions regarding the circumstance and situation they were facing in protecting the fucking Vice President of the United States! They were worried and fearful for his safety. These were professional security people of the highest level. Their breathing said it all. A transcript wouldn’t communicate that.


Wait a minute: these USSS agents did not think what was happening in the PENCE detail was importat to save after TWO orders to preserve records?

Every single one of them (I believe it is 26) should be fired; the one who saved the NEED MORE BACKUP (or whatever) was just an insult.

They were calling or asking somebody to call their families to say GOOD-BYE. They KNEW all of their texts were important.


Pence and his security team were placed into a level of peril that was NOT inadvertent… it was not serendipitous…
Trump knew the gravity of the situation and knew the intentions … Trump knew the magnitude / severity of the mob’s leathal aggressiveness (he totally knew they were heavily armed and worked up into a frenzied rage)
Trump was more prepared to go on TV and make some phony sad statement about the murder of the Vice President by “Antifa” than he was prepared to tell his Fascist Thug-force that the insurrection has failed and they must stop and go home.

It seems that what happened to Pence was a premeditated murder that never got accomplished…


We now know how perilously close our Democracy came to an awful upheaval that January 6th: 40 feet.


Evan if TFG’s simplistic plan had been successful there is way too much evidence as to who actually did the killing and they wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

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In all likelihood- yes

But would any of us be surprised if it were to leak out that there were 10-15 “witnesses” prepped with vivid gruesome stories about how “Antifa” brutally slayed the VP … and this prepared version was set to be rocketed out into the media first before any investigative info could get a foothold.
It would be classic Roger Stone / Trump strategy … create chaos & disarray … and steal the prize while everyone is stunned


I think the point of the “Pence tweet” that precipitated the “hang Mike Pence” chants, the scaffold etc. was to target him specifically and force a situation where the detail would have to remove him from the Capitol, thus interrupting the certification process until other actions could be moved forward that would keep TFG in charge. Creating a chaotic situation to justify invoking special powers was part of the plan, or at least one of them, but I don’t think the idea was to actually kill him, that would have had much greater and more unpredictable consequences than were needed. The point was just to get his piece off the chessboard, and there does seem to have been some planning behind that, as Pence sensed when he refused to get in the limo.


Considering the intelligence on tfg’s mob that had piled up in the days leading up to J6, security was very suspiciously light. The Veep’s security detail could have been sacrificed along with Pence. And it would have keyed in nicely with the clown car crew’s insane plans.

A special big thanks goes out for the J6C’s clip of Brave Sir Hawley hawling ass to get away from the mob he helped incite.


Another example of Republican support for law and order - affirm Trump’s attempts to murder Pence, ignore them after the fact, ignore the harmful effect of the attacks on law enforcement at every level (Secret Service and Capitol Police) during the insurrection, and continue to toe the Trumpian line no matter the danger to democracy. Party over country. Leader over all. Don’t forget one of the early Nazi moves was to change the oath of office from pledging to uphold and support the nation and its laws to pledging to support the leader. Classic road to tyranny. Republicans are following it without even bothering to change the oath.
Not my law. Not my order.


That’s the piece that I think the “loss” of the text messages is meant to keep hidden. There was a hardcore Trump faction in the USSS. Pence’s detail seems to not have been part of it, but he balked at being handed over to ones he knew were part of that cabal. THAT is a piece of the story that could truly really rip this open, and you can easily see why Murray would think it worth risking a whole lot, up to and including criminal charges/investigations, to keep it hidden, even to the extent of a dog-ate-my-homework excuse no one in their right mind can believe, like they’ve thrown up. What Pence knew or had strong reason to suspect was going on is the real thread that could pull this thing apart. I do not believe data just gets “lost” anymore. It exists somewhere and I hope to god someone is digging for it.


Could some of the deleted texts be from USSS agents to their loved ones telling them they were about to be killed along with the VP?


I am going on about this, but of all the agencies that would most appeal to Trump’s dream of Supreme Dictatorship, the “Secret Service”—the “SS”—would be right at the top. His first internal priority from the very start of his administration was trying to twist all loyalty from the country and the Constitution to himself, personally, and the security services were at the top of the list. Saw this with Comey obviously, but it went further and deeper with the SS. Every true strongman ruler needs his own personal secret enforcement agency, and the SS had him salivating.

Worst thing of course is that the Trump faction is still largely in place. Even effing Ornato, who unbelievably went from SS to a high position inside the admin (Chief of Staff for Operations) and then back to the SS again, which is just blatantly against all the supposed ethics and norms of the organization. Still there. In charge of “training.” Because the plan to move us into autocracy is still in motion.


I don’t expect there were many texts with his detail during that particular time. However, I suspect that immediately after there was a shit ton (as opposed to a metric crap ton) of messages about being unsupported.


Apparently, the SS radio traffic / feed was being listed to, in real time, in the WH situation room – so staff at the WH knew that Pence et al was in danger. Absolutely inexcusable dereliction of duty. But never mind, this is the leadership the GOP wants to obsequiously follow into the 2022 and 2024 cycle.


I don’t fault YOUR logic… but consider that YOU are thinking … reasoning… attacking this with rationality and being mindful of the dynamics of the rule of law & realistic consequences.

However… we cannot discount the treachery that was being so willingly embraced by all of the loons who had a pipeline into Trump’s head … Stone, Bannon, Flynn, Eastman, Navarro Gorka, the various big money strident assholes who would urge that the national guard just machine gun protesters, and endless other sycophants who would suggest brutal stuff because they thought it would gain them stature …

It is likely the there was very little consideration of eventual consequences … if they succeeded in killing Pence and created sufficient chaos to force the presidency to be voted on by the house delegations … and Trump prevailed … then they would figure that the could control the narrative & the investigation …maybe frame someone.

It is hard to say what they were thinking - but it was likely pretty evil …pretty desperate and - again - considering the voices in the “War room” - not terribly rational.