Puerto Ricans, Upset At Botched Primary, Demand Answers | Talking Points Memo

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The future of Puerto Rico’s botched primaries rested in the hands of a judge on Monday as answers trickled out on why voting centers lacked ballots and forced officials to reschedule part of the primaries in a blow to the U.S. territory’s democracy.

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“It’s unfair to throw around blame.”

Hot take: No it isn’t.


Where do they think they are, Georgia?


The good news is they have plenty of Paper Towels to clean up the mess.


Who do they think they are, American Citizens?


I am so glad this happened in one of Trump’s “sh**hole” countries and not in part of the US. /s/

When one applies for a position, it is advantageous to show that you have the required skills and demonstrate the behaviors appropriate for the position.

I think for the position of “American state”, Puerto Rico is just knocking it out of the park here. I mean, think of the time we’ll save not having to train them up on election incompetence! Can they start Monday?

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I live in PR and I went out to vote yesterday (Sunday) but the polling station (colegio) was closed. There was no indication of why or when it closed but the news suggests that the ballots not being in place is the reason. I’ll go back and vote next Sunday. Or the week after, whenever they sort it out.

I am still waiting for my economic stimulus check BTW. Things move slowly here. I have a kitty to spay and they wanted to give me an appointment for next March. I am still happy that no one here voted for that orange menace.