Pressuring Ukraine For Biden Dirt Was ‘A Long Way’ From Impeachable, GOP Sen Asserts | Talking Points Memo

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said in a new interview set to air Sunday that President Donald Trump’s actions have been proven, but that they are “a long way” from impeachable.

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“President Donald Trump’s actions have been proven, but that they are “a long way” from impeachable.”

He also stated that the little spat in Ruwanda was a long way from an atrocity.

And that Fukushima was a long way from a disaster.


Alexander added: “while Trump’s Ukraine shakedown scheme wasn’t impeachable, if a Democrat did it I’d vote to remove him from office in a nanosecond, especially if it were a Black guy like Obama.”


" Pressuring Ukraine For Biden Dirt Was ‘A Long Way’ From Impeachable, GOP Sen Asserts"

Another view.

“The state of the union is upside down and inside out and sauerkraut. Trump has changed literally everything in the last three years, transforming and coarsening the game. On Friday night, he became, arguably, the most brutishly powerful Republican of all time. Never has a leader had such a stranglehold on his party, subsuming it with one gulp.”


So who stops the President from engaging in “improper” efforts to cheat in the election and using public funds allocated by Congress to do so? If impeachment is off the table, the President can be as improper as he wants to be at the expense of the American people and no one can stop it.


Keep digging, you sweater-vested mealymouthed motherfucker. Your place in history is assured.


For the Repubs, corruption is legal.


Impeachment is only off the table for a Republican “president”. If a Democratic president committed one tenth the crimes and impeachable offenses as Trump, he’d be removed from office as quickly as you can say the word “hypocrisy”.

  1. Voter suppression as a central strategy since the Civil War
  2. Theft of election in 2000
  3. REDMAP to steal House
  4. Cheating outright in NC-09
  5. Corrupting the census
  6. Aggressive, illegal purging of voter registration
  7. Poll taxes
  8. Excusing Trump for sacrificing national security for election dirt
  9. Asserting explicitly that cheating in an election is not abuse

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.


His friend and mentor Howard Baker also of TN could be rolling in his grave right about now.

as Alexander retires, later this year, after decades of service once characterized by bipartisanship, his most decisive final act will have been to do Trump an enormous favor. Alexander’s mentor in politics, Senator Howard Baker, is remembered as the Republican leader who pursued the facts about Richard Nixon during Watergate and demanded answers to the key question of what Nixon knew and when he knew it. Lamar Alexander will not have such an honor. He will go down in history as the Republican senator whose choice at a pivotal moment confirmed the complete and final capitulation of the G.O.P. to the crass New York interloper in the White House.


We all must understand if they live up to the oath they took, Donnie will Tweet them .
He will say nasty things and they will have their feelings hurt.


a video clip of Mr. Trump saying, “Let Obamacare implode” being used by B’berg could be 10.


It’s not that simple.

Trump has all the dirt collected by David Pecker’s sleazy tabloid, plus anything Putin’s KGB-run surveillance state has to offer.

Trump can probably get some of these Senators impeached, disbarred, and imprisoned. Many GOP were selected because they have skeletons in their closet that serve as leverage. Just like Justice Gang-rape Rapeypants.

He really has some of them by the short hairs. Trump is the King of Blackmail.


Sweater-vest - that’s low.


Did you see the Bloomberg Ad that Samantha Bee did?

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Not as low as Lamar’s ethical standard.


The rest of the senators fell into line as sycophantic clones of Mike Pence. The impeachment trial amounted to one side being earnest and one pretending to be. It was exactly what Nancy Pelosi feared would happen before she was reluctantly drawn into the show trial.

At the same time how could a conscientious Democrat leader stop the impeachment process from going forward because of all the presidents we’ve had the occupant deserved it the most. She knew it wouldn’t end satisfactorily. They didn’t convict Clinton whom they hated and they wouldn’t convict our own petty tyrant.


If this Framers had seen this coming, we wouldn’t have the Electoral College.


" The Senate Can Stop Pretending Now"

In a nutshell.Blue.


Dear Senator Alexander,
How do you feel now that the OMB had acknowledged that they are playing the entire GOP for fools? Isn’t it a little bit embarrassing? They are actually flaunting the fact that the President’s lawyers, blatantly lied to you during the impeachment hearings and you are still defending him.
I guess that the fact that the rest of us are embarrassed for you will have to do.