Pressley Calls For Kavanaugh Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) plans to introduce a resolution Tuesday calling for an impeachment inquiry into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in the light of the newest allegation against him.

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Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Choose your battles. Stop stunting.


How about instead initiating real impeachment hearings into Trump? Yeah, Kegger Kavanaugh is a terrible person who committed perjury in his confirmation hearings, and sexually assaulted women. But Trump is far worse, and as “president” harms our country and the world.

Wake up Pelosi and company! Start doing your jobs.


“Sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the nation’s highest court and Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process set a dangerous precedent,” she said, per the Hill. “We must demand justice for survivors and hold Kavanaugh accountable for his actions.”

True, he should not be on the Supreme Court. But, you can’t hold Kavanaugh accountable now for what he did decades ago and impeachment on that basis is going nowhere.

The confirmation process did set a dangerous precedent. Not fully investigating credible allegations, but more importantly letting him get away with flat-out lies about how his debt disappeared, his drinking, his past behavior, his views on jurisprudence, and his unfair, unhinged partisan attacks on anyone who opposed him are shameful.


Nadler is already on record as saying that Kavanaugh will have to wait his turn…

that said, I’m all for Pressley presenting the resolution. Even if we can’t get to it right away, its important to make it clear that Kavanaugh’s lies are unacceptable.


If sexual predators have no place on SCOTUS, will she call for Thomas’ impeachment, too?


He deserves impeachment, but basing it on an allegation about someone who doesn’t recall anything happening? That’s gonna entrench this crap, not counter it.


Stupid, because they should base it on his perjury. Are they going to call Kavanugh in to testify?


the alleged victim herself…says she doesn’t recall the incident

Hard to get anywhere without a victim.

Kavanaugh perjured himself multiple times in the hearings. The GOP Senators didn’t give a damn and McConnell and Trumpp put together a wisp of an FBI “investigation” that was designed not to cause Kavanaugh any trouble. With Kavanaugh already long confirmed and seated, this new accusation is far, far from adequate to send him packing.

I hope for a future reckoning for Kavanaugh, but it won’t happen now unless a whole horde of accusers and witnesses emerge that weren’t willing to do so earlier. Not holding my breath.


It’s not what he did decades ago, it’s the lies he told about it just last year, under oath.

How can we have a judge making decisions about who lives and dies, literally, when he’s demonstrated that you can’t trust what he tells you, even sworn and under the penalty of prosecution.


Deborah Ramirez remembers it – and there are lots of others who can back her up.
Christine Blasey Ford also had lots of people who could back up her account – but were never called to testify.


Nadler said he’ll call in Wray to talk about the investigation, like that’s going to do anything. Let’s hear from the man himself. He’ll go off during the hearing and display his judicial temperament, I’m sure. And no Lindsay there to save him.

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Kavanaugh is ordering extra kegs and stunt spittle in anticipation of his next public frothing at the mouth. He’ll probably end up Chief Justice.


For christ’s sake, don’t you people pay attention?

There are two women who remember what happened to them, and each has various witnesses ready and willing to support their accounts.


Which victim? Which incident? If you are talking about the one at Yale that wasn’t Ramirez does it matter if she doesn’t remember, but a witness to the incident does?

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I would love to see Kavanaugh booted from the court, but we should wait until a Democratic president gets to name his replacement. Why replace one dirtbag with a slightly more presentable one? If Kavanaugh is impeached now, we would just get another Heritage Foundation product and MoscowMitch would be happy to seat him.


Ramirez was also at Yale. It appears Kavanaugh’s frat brothers kept putting his penis in different womens’ hands at parties.


Good. Well-written TPM article, it didn’t fall into the right-wing spin that virtually everyone has adopted about the New York Times having issued a “correction” or having “failed to include” information in the article originally.

As the NYT pointed out in a thread, there was a lot in the book they didn’t include in the article. The added note didn’t even contradict anything in the article.

They were fools to bow to pressure from right-wingers to include that note, which the authors of the book confirmed last night on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show is exactly what they and the NYT editors did. It just opened the door for the “they retracted the entire article” lies, or Trump’s version, that the entire article was “walked back”, that have now infected the minds of even Democrats.

No one ever seems to learn. The right applies “heat” as the authors called it, the authors and the NYT say gosh let’s do something to deflect this criticism from the right, they add the note, and the right immediately says “They reversed every claim in the article”. So
the right-wing propaganda machine conned them, basically, and now it’s done.

So I’m glad to see someone in Congress not caving.

All of this was clear during the confirmation hearings by the way, I remember reading about how there were plenty of witnesses and the FBI wouldn’t investigate.

So a sexual predator and chronic drunk is now in a position to make the most important rulings in our country, and Democratic leaders are saying no, not touching that, he’s in, what are you gonna do?

They won’t impeach Trump either by the way. “It’s almost too late” as Robert Reich wrote the other day. And the delusion is that Trump will wait patiently to be voted out of office. Dream on.

Voting out Republicans isn’t enough, we really need better Democrats. But the way Trump has things rigged right now, we might not get the chance.


They may also have to start the Kavanaugh rule, where all judges from the highest to the lowest have to take a breathalyzer and blood draw before each and case they hear.


I’m all for opening the whole can of worms. It risks motivating a lot of right wingers, but the left needs some momentum, too. I’d love to see Ford and Ramirez front and center. Not to mention another Brett bender to remind them who their boy really is.