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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) isn’t hiding his desire for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to run for Kansas Senate next year.

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O/T, because I’m tired of this shit.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) isn’t hiding his desire for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to run for Kansas Senate next year.

Even Moscow Mitch is on the “anyone but Kobach” train.


Pompeo got his diploma at Trump U

Pompeo and McConnell will share cell.


Hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday, kelaine.


Pompeo’s next assignment. I’m standing behind the proposition that he is being paid, and big time, and to find out who owns Pompeo, one need follow the money, to include all sources of his wealth and that of his family. This will take dogged reporting to root out, domestically and overseas.


The “tramp Curse” will kill this guy!


Kansas voters richly deserve Pompeo as their Senator.


OT. Just want to recommend this very good piece by Ezra Klein that gives some insight into the odd, yet predictable marriage between Trump and religionists like Barr and Pompeo. Trump is their last stand. The great white hope.

Robert Jones, president of the Public Religion Research Institute, estimates that when Barack Obama took office, 54 percent of the country was white and Christian; by the time he left office, that had fallen to 43 percent. This is largely because young Americans are less white, and less Christian, than older Americans. Almost 70 percent of American seniors are white Christians, compared to only 29 percent of young adults.

National Review editor Rich Lowry said that Trump, who he once opposed, has been steadfast “on pro-life stuff, on conscience rights, on judges.” The downside, Lowry admitted, is “he doesn’t respect the separation of powers in our government, he doesn’t think constitutionally, and says and does things no president should do or say.” That seems like a pretty big downside! But, Lowry continued, “at the end of the day, we’re asked to either favor Trump or root for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden or Mayor Pete, who oppose us on basically everything. So it’s a pretty simple calculation.”

That said, I take William Barr at his word. I believe he looks out at the landscape of contemporary America and sees a country changing into something he doesn’t recognize, that he believes Christianity is under an assault from which it may not recover and Trump, whatever his faults, is their last, best hope. And it’s the support of Republicans like Barr that ensures Trump’s survival.


Mike Pompeo, brought to you by the clever people who elected Sam Brownback!




Running for Senate makes complete sense now that Pompeo has been outed as a co-conspirator, because it allows him a plausible reason to leave Trump’s roach motel behind. Normally, it’s just a one way trip where you get in but can never leave, at least not with pride and integrity intact.

Too bad he’s going to have to kick off his campaign by being a star witness in the Senate trial with millions of Americans watching.


“Last week, President Trump suggested that Pompeo would consider running for the Senate…”

Neither Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin nor Louisiana Gov. Eddie Rispone could be reached for comment.


So the so-called “moral majority” has morphed into the theocratic (immoral) minority, they know it and care not a whit. They have much more in common with the Taliban than they’d ever admit. It’s not a coincidence that right wing terrorism is at an all time high.


Let’s examine Pompeo’s best traits. He is the worst Secretary of State in modern history. He is completely without the ability to lead or inspire. Mike totally lacks integrity or basic honesty. Finally he is a coward. Yep, he is a guy McConnell would love.


Ok…but how about Roy Moore? Did someone track him down at the mall for comment? Oh, oh yeah…oops.


“I’ll share some thoughts on what the Trump administration is continuing to do here in the western hemisphere to protect the American people,” Pompeo said about the event, according to the Kansas City Star.

I would love to learn exactly what this mob is doing to protect us. I love fairy tales.


moscow mitch can’t save him.
besides kentucky is about done with mitch
Didn’t kansas voters learn anything with brownback?
Koch and pompeo will be worse for them.


In other crazy mofo news…