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“The 2016 election and President Trump’s first term in office has transformed politics in this country. His election represented not only a radical change in policy but an assault on what we consider fundamental American values.

There are no fundmental American values, so far as a group of beliefs shared by most citizens. Before the 2016 election it was safe to assume bragging about sexual assault was crass and to be deplored. Claiming the ability to declare banckruptcy and defraud investors, along with stiffing vendors and contractors, proved you were “smart” and a crafty business person was considered idiotic and shameful. Veterans, and POWs epecially, were worthy of respect, as opposed to pegging their capture as a personality defect and an object of derision and suspicion. Habitually lying, only to constantly be caught at it and claiming you were joking was the mark of a charlatan and a clown, and people quickly quit even listening to such a person. Now they hang on such a person’s word with rapt attention.

Tens of millions of people have no problem adopting, sharing, believing, projecting and defending behaviors and beliefs that a scant few years ago saw a solid majority consider defective, unethical and immoral.

Shared values? Sure, there are shared values. And that’s our problem, both the values, and the people sharing them.


Interesting idea, and I agree in general. The sticking point for me is our current Republican party is clearly bent on authoritarian control, and preventing “the other” from voting. It will be difficult to achieve voting security.


In 2021, the New Democratic president and the House should immediately introduce ethics and other reform legislation. They should tell congressional GOPers that the bill should be bipartisan, and rein in all future presidents. If the GOPers block it, then the next president should employ executive orders and work with state reform efforts.


If anyone wants confirmation that our political climate has changed, watch this video clip of Trump killing all his enemies posted by a Trump supporter:

I would post the YouTube link instead of the Mediaite link, but you have to verify your age if you want to watch it on YouTube.


Trump’s comms flack finally repudiated the video. Trump will back her up at his next rally by forcefully saying he saw nothing wrong with the video, and encouraging the crowd to applaud it.


Sorry, I’ve been at a state convention all weekend, so maybe I am missing something…

But is there a reason that its after 10AM on the east coast, and TPM hasn’t posted a single news article this morning?


Columbus Day. Josh runs TPM on a skeleton staff on a select few holidays during the year.


Columbus Day is not a national holiday at least not where I live.

Do you reside out of country?

Columbus Day is one of ten federal holidays recognized nationwide by the United States Government. All non-essential federal government offices are closed on Columbus Day, and all federal employees are paid even if they receive the day off. Many private-sector employees will also receive paid time off or special holiday pay on Columbus Day.



That video was beyond bad. I could not get through the entire thing. The depiction of the killing of members the media and of Congress is despicable.


Nope, I live in Washington State and schools are open today -along with banks. We do not observe Columbus Day.


So where’s the thread on this repellent video??



Politics in America has changed? I guess the writer has forgotten Lee Atwater, Grover what’s his name, Carl Rove, and Newt Gingrich.

Sure, Trump has taken dirty politics to a new low, but here’s the thing: his attacks on Joe Biden haven’t left a scratch. Biden’s polls haven’t changed because we KNOW Trump lies. No one believes him anymore. That’s what’s new. We all know this emperor has no clothes.


Federal employees have to report to work in Washington State on Columbus Day?

It is a federal government holiday. The feds and all government contractors are expected to honor it.

They have the day off but no one else does.

So, if you were a Federal employee you would not have said “We do not observe Columbus Day”. Or, are Federal workers in Washington State held in such disdain they’re excluded from being part of “we”?

The rest of us envy the federal employees gadding about on this non holiday. :neutral_face: