Plaintiffs In USPS Suit Want Facilities Scoured For Ballots As PA Mail-In Deadline Looms | Talking Points Memo

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the United States Postal Service said Thursday that it is crucial that USPS take steps to “sweep” facilities and ensure that any outstanding ballots be delivered by Friday in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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Someone needs to serve time for this, and I’m looking at DeJoy.


Donald Trump’s appointee to be Postmaster General, :Louis deJoy has wreaked havoc on the postal system, most likely at Trump’s behest, since last summer. In doing this, the ability of the Postal Service to meet the challenge of this unique election period has been crippled, despite heroic efforts on the part of USPS workers. Trump, deJoy, and their confederates in this effort have perpetrated deliberate sabotage upon the National election for the purpose of casting doubt on its outcome. Trump has been threatening this for months and we now see the result.

Fortunately, all across our country dedicated, professional, and uncompromised election workers are diligently doing their job to honestly count the vote, despite clear efforts by the Trump campaign to interfere. This must not be allowed to happen, and once the vote count is finished, all those responsible for this criminal debacle, including Trump & deJoy must be held criminally accountable.


That’s a good start, but keep going…


Oh yea. Get him under oath. He will fold fast.


Actually, I’d start at the bottom of the tree and start working my way up. You give each suspect the same choice - “Tell us what happened and who told you what. If you don’t, you’re facing interference with an election and contempt charges”. Cut a nice deal with the low-level folks, get harsher and harsher as you work your way up. If DeJoy folds before you get to him, he can go a little easier in exchange for testimony against Donnie’s inner circle, otherwise throw the book at him - lock him up for civil contempt now, let him stew for a bit until Biden has patched up the DoJ a bit and then get this going.

No Mercy on this one - heads must roll if we’re to start rebuilding our credibility around the world…


So, Cliff Clavin then?


Nah, start with his buddy Norm so you can get some background on Cliff, although from what I’m hearing the postal workers themselves are horrified by what’s happening so Cliff will probably be happy to dob in his boss and then you’re off to the races!




And you can bet your bottom dollar that there are many USPS workers who would love to do trump’s bidding. Postal workers are just as stoopid as the rest of the population. They ain’t all saints, either. And trump’s minions have been scouring the post offices most likely to carry the mail of Democrats - looking for these feral trumpers working in battle-ground post offices.
Think they didn’t find any?
Think about this… Every time trump claims that Democrats are doing some nefarious thing, we learn that trump was doing exactly that thing. He’s been claiming for months that mail-in balloting is ripe for ratfucking. Maybe he knew cause it was his plan to do it.
STILL think they didn’t find their postal gremlins?
I’d put money on it.

I live in PA. I delivered my (late arriving) mail-in ballot directly to the County Board of Elections - they had a drop box outside, manned by security. I got an email the next day to confirm receipt of my ballot.
They told me the County’s ballots would be mailed-out late September or early October. I received mine on October 21 - three weeks after they said they would be mailed and just two weeks prior to the election. Hmmm…
It should not be too hard to determine who never got their ballots, and which post offices were involved. Biden’s AG may be looking into such things.


For example, it may include ballots not destined for Pennsylvania elections offices, such as if someone temporarily in Pennsylvania mailed an absentee ballot to their home state.

So DeJoy is guilty for mail and/or campaign fraud in multiple states now, good, let him defend himself now in multiple lawsuits.


I’d forgotten about the possibility of lawsuits. So, as far as I can tell, DeJoy is facing civil contempt for ignoring Sullivan’s order, criminal contempt and multiple counts of election interference once we have the DoJ back up and running and multiple civil lawsuits from the thousands of disenfranchised voters in multiple states.

Hmmm, how do I feel about all this?


I fear a blanket pardon for his thugs, but one never can be sure about this jerk’s gratitude for those committing crimes on his behalf.


Here we go folks



“and I’m looking at DeJoy.”

So is Judge Emmett Sullivan.


Let this sink in for a minute :slightly_smiling_face:

" Mick Mulvaney says Trump may run again in 2024: ‘He doesn’t like losing’"


Like this one?

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“Hello, Newman.”

“Hello, Your Honor.”


Can he run from prison? I mean run for election.


Send them to jail!

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If he’s still alive. His health is so poor.