Pence Finally Backs Down In Fight Against Dividers To Protect Against COVID For VP Debate | Talking Points Memo

Vice President Mike Pence finally accepted late Tuesday the placement of plexiglass dividers during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate after criticizing the move to protect against coronavirus infection.

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The chances that Pence isn’t carrying the corona virus are probably less than 50%. He’s been at 3 super spreader events (at least), and has had people around him who are in proximity to others who have tested positive (Karen Pence, Katie Miller, among others).

I assume Pence will lie or mislead about his testing situation.

My only goal for Harris tonight is to get out of there safely and to make sure she doesn’t get infected and that she doesn’t infect Biden. That’s basically it.

I have little doubt that she’ll make her points about the Administration’s failures and that she will open eyes by highlighting the plight of women and minorities under this administration.

Harris has advantages in that the audience will be more Democratic b/c she is interesting and Pence is boring. Harris also has better favorables, so a professional demeanor and a few sharp answers, and talking directly to the audience will go over well. Minorities will connect with her in this moment. All she has to do is turn every bs ‘gotcha’ question around and throw it back in the moderator’s face.

Pence will have a steady diet of ‘radical left’ pejoratives. Her job is to brush that aside and hit the administration on their record. Just keep jabbing. No knock out blows needed here.


Behaving like a mature, reasonable adult is hard.


Now we are learning Trump may not have been tested on a routine basis. Why should we think Pence is routinely tested?

Check out latest Lincoln Project AD.

Singer is Patti Lapone, the original Evita on Broadway.

“I still have the lung power and wore less makeup. This revival ends November 3rd!”


Just waiting for Senator Harris to open up her can of whupass on Q-Tip.


for a Trump republican.


Dr Bright resigned from NIH yesterday. He has developed an infrastructure plan to fight covid that I hope he will share with Biden and his people so the new admin can hit the ground running.


Trump picked Pence because he was too dull to out shine him; excellent choice.


“If the Trump administration’s war on masks has now become a war on safety shields, that tells you everything you need to know about why their Covid response is a failure,” Singh said.

Bam. Right on the jaw. Love it.


Thing is - the reason you isolate for 14 days after being exposed is because the virus can incubate for quite a while. Pence has been around numerous people who have tested positive that we know of so far, and in and out of what is definitely a hotspot.

All these protestations about what is “unnecessary” are ridiculous given the situation the administration currently finds itself in. They have absolutely no credibility whatsoever.


I believe this is true not only for the testing situation, but also for others in the Trump bubble who test positive but are asymptomatic or mildly ill. For those in orbit around the main characters like housekeepers, etc., I expect they’ll be instructed to keep it quiet.


Harris is a strong thoughtful prosecutor. I suspect Pence realizes he could have his hat handed to him just by the “Harris look.”



So much news I haven’t had time to follow the ads. That LP ad is insanely terrific. Thanks.


A lot of people are saying plexiglass safety shields are bad. And they’re an infringement of our constitutional liberties. Next thing they’ll say that Pence can’t open carry during the debate.


And Marc Short is a fucking liar. There is extensive science on how to reduce risk by minimizing aerosolized and other particles from breath in the air. Every store in every properly run community in this country has installed dividers to protect their employees.


There’s nothing in the Constitution about plexiglass safety shields!!!1!!


The article gives us the “justification” offered by the Pence team when it was (apparently) refusing to coöperate – but about the (apparent) reversal it says only this:

Frank Fahrenkopf, a co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates told the New York Times in an interview that following negotiations with Pence’s team the vice president had ultimately accepted the dividers



Finally a Wall that we can live with and I bet if asked Mexico would pay for it.


Brilliant ad! Thanks for posting it.


Did they agree not to shake hands? I’d like to see Pence try.