Pelosi Urges Bipartisan Commission To Investigate Jan. 6, But GOP Resists Accountability

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) emphasized the need for bipartisan support of the commission to investigate the Capitol attack in a Monday night letter, though the two parties are still divided on the basics. 

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I remember when we asked Bin Laden to join the 9/11 Commission.


Stop with the bipartisan bullshit. Put together an independent commission to root out the facts and the root cause(s). If the GOP can’t handle that, too fucking bad!


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already threatened to push a focus on supposed left-wing violence — the overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and antifa — if Democrats insist on the wider scope.

Bring it. The more attention brought to bear on white privilege, white nationalists, and homicide by cop, the better. Something tells me that those are paths that the GQP will ultimately wish to avoid.


To hell with bipartisanship! These insurrectionist, election-denying criminals don’t deserve a seat at the table. Investigate the 1/6 event and also the GOP involvement in it. Including them is like conducting the trial of a mob boss and having the heads of the Five Families being on the jury.

I want those motherfuckers crucified - and I’ll provide the pneumatic nail gun if need be!


Keep “Whitewash” Lee Hamilton as far away as possible.


She’s setting them up.


The rethugs don’t want the truth. They want to generate some bullshit about BLM and/or antifa that will generate outrage on Fux.


Agreed. Of course, with people like McCarthy, Gohmert, Boebert, Greene, and the rest of the GOP House “Mensa” caucus, and obvious treason weasels like Hawley, Cruz, Tuberville, Johnson, and the rest in the Senate, I don’t expect them to catch on too swiftly.


We certainly cannot have co-conspirators on the commission. Anyone who ever expressed support for the Big Lie, in any way, is disqualified. That should narrow the republican pool quite a bit. That must be the Democrats’ bottom line. Support for the Big Lie is disqualifying for service - whether on the commission or in Congress itself. Unfit for office.


Mensa caucus, I like that.


Or simply write a letter to the new AG and ask him to detail the steps the Justice Dept. will be taking to bring the organizers to justice. Leave the faithless republicans entirely out of the process.


But lets say this plainly. The United States suffered an internal attack to block the people’s right to choose. People were injured and killed. The people’s house was damaged. It was not a spur of the moment event. And could have been far worse except for the dedication of the people within that house.

And the Republicans do not want the public to know the truth.

Lets go a little tabloid here, amp that point up. Keep saying it over and over. MSNBC has upped their rhetoric again. Everyone should follow suit.


Parties, i.e. individuals and/or collections of individuals, e.g. members of a political party, who incited or participated in an insurrection do not like to be investigated and endeavor to thwart any attempt to do that.


“We’ll look into Jan 6th, but you have to agree to scrutinize these guys, too.”



Pelosi has not been coy in her criticisms of Republicans and their role in the Capitol attack. ‘Ron Johnson seems to be taking the lead on what the scope will be of how we look at protecting our country from domestic terrorism,’ she quipped… "

GOP Working Title: “A bill to establish a National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol by the Blahs.”


Indeed. Pelosi needs the Repubs to buy in only so as to fund it.

Instead, simply get a couple of billionaires (Steyer + Bloomberg + Bezos + Mackenzie Scott + Lauren Jobs, etc) to fund an independent thing.

Google/Facebook/Twitter richies could engender some good will by contributing, too, but of course they are too greedy to serve the commonwealth this way.


Now that Garland is in, I’ve lost interest in commissions.

The rats will be cornered. And there will be REAL consequences.


How can Republican House members expect to help set up a bi-partisan committee, when they themselves need to be investigated?

The insurrection started because Trump pushed the big lie, and every Republican who sided with him is equally guilty. That includes every one who voted to overthrow the election results. Suspects don’t get to pick the cop who will investigate them.


She, and we, need the media for some backup.