Pelosi Slams Trump Admin’s Classified Notification Of Iran Strike To Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Saturday night blasted the Trump administration’s decision to classify its formal notification of its assassination of top Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani to Congress.

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"…the Administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran.”

Thank you, Madam Speaker. Call it by its name and offer the much needed correction to Trump’s dithering about how he doesn’t want to start a war. He probably doesn’t but he’s too stupid to realize that that is exactly what he did.


I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that Trump would also rely on the “it’s a secret” answer when it came to explaining the attacks.

  • His sex life is a secret (but some of the scandals and crimes are public)
  • His personal life is a secret
  • His business life is a secret
  • His political life (i.e. the campaign) was a secret, but now we know it was was filled with Russian agents
  • His administration is a secret

He treats true information about himself like ebola. Certainly there must be an explanation.

ETA: corrected some wrong analysis (h/t @justruss)

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He’s a little boy.


And his tax records which he swore he would reveal now is hopefully protected by the SCOTUS.


Of all the administrations this nation has had in its history, it’s remarkable that this one wants to take us into a potentially catastrophic regional war saying “trust us.” They can’t even make a bogus case on the evidence they have.


Republicans everywhere should be made to explain why everything this administration does has to be hidden from the public. Everything. Tyranny begins with control over the narrative. Sentient people know what they are hiding. Everything. Because the facts would get them drummed out in a heartbeat for racketeering. Take to the street’s and demand accountability before this gangsterism becomes baked in. It’s already late.


Chump pardoning the most crazed killers he can get his hands on is really scary. He wants to be buddies with, and be SEEN with the scariest madmen. Same with dictators. He thinks it bolsters his intimidation factor. I know a lot of it is because of his inferiority/coward complex. I think it is veering off into Mussolini territory, he wants to cow his detractors into showing what murderous thugs he has at his beck and call. Possibly also a response to Putin and his killers…Chump wants to look like he is on that same level as a Mob Boss. I know that how cartoonish and buffoonish and pitiful Chump is doesn’t at all reduce his dangerousness and in some ways increases it. What is really scary is how his base BUYS it all. They cannot discern between a real strongman and a complete fraud and readily follow the fraud. At least a real strongman has a plan and a goal and is trying to INCREASE something, even if it costs us in civility and tolerance and decency. In Chump’s case, and remaining Republican officials, we are just losing. Getting weaker, getting wilder, getting more chaotic and rudderless. Most importantly, your avg. strongman isn’t an abject tool of another dictator…like Chump is Putin’s grovelling bootlicker. So it really is the worst of all possible situations. We don’t have a strongman, we have someone wildly trying to prove he isn’t a galaxy-sized loser, coward, and incompetent boob who is at base-level (likely subconsciously) trying to ruin everything because he hates and is jealous of everyone and ruining everything for everybody is his only real attainable goal.


My whole Trump tax cut is going into my gas tank.
Of my snowblower.


He classified the notification to Congress? Seriously? While he blithely told members of Mar-a-Lago?

If the notification is classified, does that inhibit Congress’s ability to ask questions of the Administration publicly during hearings or their ability to debate this within their chambers?


He has nothing but contempt for Dems, and seems to live to make them miserable.


I have the same question. Does Pompeo even refuse to appear before Congress, claiming the Democrats cannot be trusted to engage in legitimate oversight versus impeachment/election politics?


Well then when are we the American people going to demand that the Trump maladministration start having those WH press briefings again? Will that fall onto the totally rude Stephanie Grisham’s shoulders, or will they bring back “I use eyeliner made from the burnt facts” Huckabee liar amongst lying liars?


You said true information. Sexual Braggadocio is seldom a factual account.


"She called on the administration to work with Congress and hammer out a “bonafide de-escalatory strategy that prevents further violence.”

Madame Speaker you know who and what you are dealing with,why pretend otherwise.


continues to put servicemembers [sic], diplomats and citizens of America and our allies in danger…

This is a little thing, but do we really need to question Pelosi’s word choice here?


The President claimed the Iranian military leader posed an “imminent” threat to U.S. security,

Of course he did, because that is the only justification available under the War Powers Act. And he classified the report and will assert national security and executive privilege to keep everything under wraps until well after the 2020 elections. In the real world what recourse does Pelosi have other than follow the advice of @tena and impeach the motherfucker.


She’s working to educate the public about what should be happening, while being fully cognizant of what is actually happening.


OT but funny.

Trumpers at Merde-A-Grifto over the holidays.

This is what happens when older women have no gay men as friends.



…toward my significantly increased tax bill.

Tax cut my ass.