Pelosi Sets Stage To Send Impeachment Case To Senate Next Week | Talking Points Memo

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that the House will vote to appoint impeachment managers next week, setting the stage for the impeachment articles against President Trump to be sent to the Senate soon after.

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Why now?


So, I guess McConnell must have sent Pelosi detailed memos, laying out how he intended to conduct the trial, his intentions regarding witnesses and testimony. Everything she’s been asking for for weeks, dropped in her lap last night I suppose.


Why not?



Don’t get sucked into the Gloom-Machine. It’s coming.

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For one thing, the title of the article is not worded properly. She is commenting on setting the stage–next week-- to transmit the articles. Later


Why not last week? Why not immediately? Why delay at all?

I’m assuming she got something? So…what was it? Why now?

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To keep the Orange Menace twisting in the wind? Who cares, would you like her to hold onto them longer? Wouldn’t you like to see how this effects Trump’s SOTU speech? Maybe she held them so that outside government watch dog groups got more of their FOIAa filled.


I take this to mean the Speaker feels she’s at the point of maximal gains with the delay in transmitting the impeachment counts, with any further delay resulting in diminishing returns.

As she pointed out in her letter, since the House vote, we’ve learned about Trump’s direct involvement, Mulvaney’s culpability, and the Pentagon freak out. We also have Bolton on the record as wanting to testify, with the public wanting hearings with witnesses and document production.

I understand Mitch has not committed to a fair trial, but, let’s face it, that was never going to happen. If he puts on a fair trial, we win. If he doesn’t, it’s up to the American people to do the right thing in November. And further investigations continue in the House, with more to come depending on various Court rulings.

Pelosi has earned any benefit of the doubt, at least from me.

ETA: and if assasinating Suleimani was because of Impeachment, while it most certainly is not the Democrats’s fault, as responsible people, it’s something they probably think about. We have an absolutely unhinged President.


From my vantage point: do we know when or even if the SOTU speech is going to take place? Traditionally, that happens at the end of January and I’ve heard nothing that it’s actually been scheduled (could be premature, but nevertheless).

By her sending these prior to the SOTU, McConnell will most assuredly dismiss them, allowing Trump to take a victory lap, IF he gives the SOTU speech (if one looks at history, it’s possible that he may just send it to Congress - it’s only recent history that has the POTUS actually DELIVER it to Congress).

There’re a lot of loose ends here and I’m not a chess player, so I don’t know what the strategy is here.

Pelosi really didn’t need the Senate to tell her what the trial parameters would be…the House managers are already set on a list in her office somewhere, and it’s very unlikely that list would change if the Senate allowed witnesses, subpoenas, or whatever. Pelosi holding the articles is political, and was intended to show what the Republicans were planning to do to defend Trump.

We now know how far they will go…they will deny witnesses, they will deny subpoenas, and even change the rules of the Senate to dismiss impeachment completely (which is likely unconstitutional, but they don’t care). Pelosi obviously knew that the pressure campaign to get witnesses probably wouldn’t work, unless they got lucky and a few bowed to the will of the people instead of Moscow Mitch. This was all about educating Americans as to the nature of the trial the Republicans will hold, and making it clear that they will hold a sham trial instead of a fair one.

That lesson is made, and there’s essentially zero chance that anything is going to change on the Senate side, so it’s time to push forward and let the Republicans show who they are. The stage is set to have them hold a sham trial with a quick acquittal, and then have it followed up by revelations of new evidence through the year that the Senate let Trump get away with a crime…that will be hugely damaging for them in November, especially if Trump continues his trip off the rails.


I don’t know about other people, but I’m an NCO (a Buck Sergeant, in this case) in the info chain…

And even Buck Sergeants have to depend on Company-Grade Officers, Field Grade Officers, Generals, etc.


She is above all of them. So if someone wants to douse their fear by laying it on other people with rank pessimism, keep that in mind.


But again, I don’t think the GOP has changed what they’ve shown to the American people over the last ten or twenty years. They’ve shown us who they are and it hasn’t seemed to matter to a whole bunch of people.

Why is this going to be a gamechanger, especially with those who just aren’t paying attention?


Thanks! Hadn’t heard that, so I appreciate the info.

Who can be impeached again…in a scenario in which a terrified public would demand it**

**This week was the closest this country has been to war in many moons.


She’s wrung most of the dishwater out of McConnell. Now she’s refolding it before twisting it again to get the last few drops out of Trump before she hangs them out to dry. There’s a reason she scheduled the SOTU two weeks later than usual.

Also, the unforeseen airplane disaster may be exerting a sobering effect on the Democratic program of provoking Trump and the Republicans into making further mistakes. It might inspire more leaks, but the cost is unacceptable.


And there is still a chance there could be witnesses. While I don’t trust McConnell for a moment, he hasn’t yet precluded that possibility.

Republicans Senators will be forced into a difficult vote on this issue, and I don’t think McConnell can protect them.


The timing is working out for Trump to set aside several minutes of the SOTU to crow about how he was found innocent of all wrongdoing, exonerated completely. And to emphasize how everyone needs to keep in mind how those bad Dems wasted so much time for nothing, and remember at the polls to vote for Republicans so it doesn’t happen again in his second term.


It’s a Friday. Fatass will flip and commit more obstruction.





How do you know?