Pelosi Confident Census Will Go Out Without Citizenship Question

Ahead of President Trump’s apparent announcement on the census citizenship question later Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was unfazed by Trump’s legal efforts to get the question on the 2020 form.

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Good , Don’t let him change the subject


Administration officials reportedly were not aware of Trump’s intention, sparking confusion across departments and sending Justice Department lawyer scrambling to find a legal path to appease Trump’s effort.

Most presidencies age the president. This presidency ages everyone.


You certainly can’t accuse her of over-reacting.


Yup! Smart busy lady not going to waste time on something that isn’t going to happen. Nancy’s got real work to focus on.


She’s reacting precisely as she should and entirely appropriately. The “unfazed” set-up in the headline is click-bait nonsense. If there’s such a thing as “push polling”, then the same concept can be applied to “push headlines”. This one was half-subtle. Take a jaunt over to Faux News’ or the Breitbart websites and you’ll see them doing the running-around-naked-while-screaming version of it.


Right, like attacking the future of the Democratic Party while running cover for the Blue Dogs who are aligned with the GOP.

One good way to lose the next election: depress the Democratic base. Whomever wins the Democratic nomination will have to fight a two front war. One against Trump and the other against Pelosi.


Pelosi has maximum leverage and little patience for Trump’s BS right now. When she said, “I’ve had enough of him”, she meant it. According to the Wash. Post, the ONLY person in the Admins. she will talk to is Mnuchin.

Pelosi has her hands on Krptonite - the debt ceiling. If she doesn’t bring it to the floor she can let it expire, cause the Treasury to default on the debt, and see the economy implode in slow motion. I would not put it past her to use her leverage to get the budget deal she wants, get certain witnesses in front of Nadler, and get Trump’s tax forms. She is, by far, the toughest and most experienced politician in WDC right now.


Let’s wait and see if any of that actually happens.


“It is unclear if executive action could overrule the Supreme Court’s decision to block the Trump administration’s initial push to get the question on the census.”

WTF? NO! It most certainly is not “unclear.” The “president” has no authority to overrule the Supreme Court. Marbury v. Madison.


Any Democratic candidate who thinks Pelosi is an enemy should not be the nominee.


You know how it is, everyone needs a narrative even if it makes no sense


" Pelosi Shrugs Off Trump"

Becoming her MO.

Also becoming her MO

“Ideological divides between Democrats have been boiling into public view so frequently of late that speaker Nancy Pelosi firmly told House Democrats to keep their internal gripes behind closed doors, even as she herself fields backlash for seemingly dismissing her caucus’s progressive firebrands.”


“We’re printing the census.”

I’m a filmmaker. Images are really really good at motivating people.

If I were in charge of Dem messaging - I’d send someone over to the printer and , you know, shoot ten seconds of the census rolling off the press.

Sure would look good in new reports.


It is unclear if executive action could overrule the Supreme Court’s decision to block the Trump administration’s initial push to get the question on the census.

What the entire fuck? Why are you taking the President’s side on this?

It’s not unclear at all. An “executive order” is just the mechanism by which the President gives instructions that he has the legal authority to give. It doesn’t grant him any extra-constitutional powers. He’d very much like to believe that it does, and you’re going along with it. The fuck?


Stupid purity ponies who gave us trump. Look kids, it’s like this…get the fuck on board, get your asses to the polls and vote for the Democratic candidate even if it is not the poster candidate that you fap to.
When the Dems get the WH, Senate and House, then you can be whiney all you want, but until then, quit being jerks.

The country thanks you.

(Not talking to you personally per se - just pointing out what should be obvious)

Late: To show you how it can be done…I never have and never will like Bernie. I said something nice about him last week. Here’s another: He was good on Rachel last night. See! I said something nice about Bernie again! I would not want to vote for him, I don’t like the man, but if he’s the nominee, I’m not going to whine about it and stay home or vote for the lizard people. I would vote for the SOB.


Trump will now sign an executive order making his executive orders the law of the land.
Congress and the courts will not be needed.


Hiding in plain sight is a hard trick for trolls to pull off in most places, and you are not doing very well at it here. Move along, perhaps?



Demeaning her allies sure works. Then she and the other senile leadership will bemoan the lack of support they get when they need it. She should be in a teaching mode rather than putdown every chance she gets. And it is not just the younger folks who believe she is making a big mistake, I’m 74 and think she is allowing the quest for big money to outway policy that will actually win elections.


Of all the things she could say, this is among the top.

By the way, 53% of Americans polled as NOT wanting Trump impeached.

That number should be 5% (in any other country it would be)
In the 1970s it would be 20% MAX

Maybe the question should be phrased this way…

Should Trump be Impeached?

YES____________________________ (free i-phone upgrade)