Pelosi Calls On Acosta To Resign, Claims Trump Knew About Deal With Epstein

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave a full-throated rebuke of Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta on Monday evening, calling on the U.S. Attorney to resign from his post and accusing President Trump of knowing about the deal Acosta struck with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago.

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In a just world, Acosta would not merely resign.

He’d be competently investigated and possibly prosecuted.

Still, it’s good that Pelosi is at least calling for him to be fired resign.


This will be followed by a strongly worded letter, then nothing will happen.


So Nancy’s going out on a limb here? And Epstein’s a flight risk?

Time for shuffleboard Nancy. Or Canasta. Can we get a name tag over here please.


Flight-log discrepancies aside, the fact that Clinton associated with Epstein at all is shameful (at best).

Epstein’s abuse of girls entered the public record in 2005 but his predilections were known before that. Even if a corrupt system was protecting him, and it was, good people knew better than to give him any cover at all.


Day Late , Dollar short
Its not like anyone didn’t know . Common knowledge when he was confirmed
It’s what Dems need more of.
Screaming at the top of your lungs outrage
The Trump administration hires pedophile enablers


Nancy? Really?

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Nothing like a principled stand eh Nancy?

And that’s nothing like it.


Whataboutism? Bill hasn’t been in office for 20 years. He is known for consensual sex with adult women. I would think if there had been any evidence of under age, Ken Starr & Brett would have made that known to the world. They did explore the spurious claims of Broaderick and Wiley and concluded there was no there, there.


The larger question here is where did this guy get his money. That’s what Clinton was involved with him for, at least on the face of it. And that money is not easily explained by the public info. He went from private school teacher to hedge fund billiionaire in what, five years? One theory I’ve read is that it’s the result of investing blackmail $$ from the rich and powerful over exposure of evidence of the sex crimes Epstein set up for them to engage in (not always aware of the underage issue, perhaps) at the lavish parties he threw. The parties were essentially a set up to get dirt on the guests that he could use against them if they didn’t cough up the dough. This could be complete tinfoil territory, except that it fits the known facts–why all sorts of random wealthy people were affiliating with him and indeed defending him, and how he somehow became a plutocrat overnight.

Any other guesses?


Well, they could call upon Acosta to testify before a House committee …


Now, if only Ralph Nader had said it…

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I just read the New York Magazine piece (2002!) someone linked to on another thread, and came away thinking: This is bullshit! There’s something waaay wrong with this picture. Epstein may be a smart guy and all, but there’s something definitely fishy about this whole deal.
Have to think your theory is not outside the realm of distinct possibility.


Guess who (rhymes with “lump”) said the following in 2002:

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy … He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.


If if turns out that Trump himself was engaged in pedophilia while chums with Epstein (hey, and people are saying it, I dunno, but I hear all kinds of talk . . . ), we can make one conjecture that is a near lead-pipe certitude:

The religious nuts in this country will cling to him all the more. After all, Mary was underage when God knocked her up. So if it’s good enough for the Almighty . . .

All of which, I suppose, made Joseph a cuck, as the kids in the alt-right say.


Yup, really. MoDo interview


Tom Price is probably thinking, for crying out loud all I did was take a few tax payer plane rides.


Clinton, being followed around everywhere by the Secret Service, has plenty of witnesses and the government has plenty of documentation on where he was when.

So if his statement on when he flew with Epstein or where he flew is at odds with that, we’ll surely know shortly.

His Secret Service agents would have filed travel claims, just for one example, which likely are gathering dust somewhere in a government filing cabinet.

Absent someone official coming out to question any part of his account, you’re just stirring the pot for no point.


Yes, and the Clintons made no attempt to sever the bonds with Epstein’s associates, even AFTER he was convicted. Not a good look.


Ask Bill Barr. His daddy was up to his eyeballs with Epstein.