Party Of QAnon: Marjorie Taylor Greene Flaunts ‘GREAT Call’ With Trump | Talking Points Memo

Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said early Saturday that she had a “GREAT call” with former President Donald Trump, intensifying concerns that the ex-president continues to exercise ideological sway in the Republican Party and that he is willing to throw further public support behind a member of Congress who has advocated violence against Democratic lawmakers.

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Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said early Saturday that she had a “GREAT call” with former President Donald Trump

Greene, you’re disposable. When you’re used up he’ll just move on to the next wacko.


I don’t know, she has enough wacko to last for a long while.


Notice how rarely you hear about #MoscowMitch these days?


“I had a GREAT call with my all time favorite POTUS, President Trump!”


It ain’t the wacko capacity that gets used up, it’s the real life agency.


A sign of how far Trump’s stock has fallen is that he has to openly elevate a far right nutter whose brand is absolutely toxic for the national GOP. That the rest of the GOP is mute on the matter highlights their weakness.

I actually don’t think there are enough votes in the GOP caucus to oust Lynn Cheney from her leadership position. The elevation of Marjorie Taylor Greene from the backbench to the front bench (in effect) by Trump will cause a reaction against him. The GOP wants Trump for his voters. They don’t want him to run their party. That’s the issue they had in Georgia and all through the 2020 campaign. Things only lined up for them when Trump settled on socialism and Dem overreach as a focal point in the last 3 weeks of the general election to drive up turnout to a level where he cut his margin of deficit from about 7 points to 4 and propelled GOPers to save 2 Senate seats in NC/ME and elevated them in the House.

The Dems need to focus on their legislative agenda and on calling out the GOP as racist and extremist. A successful Biden agenda + good framing of the GOP as extremist will put the Dems on a path to win the next 2 election cycles.


I really hope she has used up 14 of her 15 minutes.


I’ll pass

Being proactive before McCarthy has “the talk” with her? And sure, why not expand on the full-out nut job rhetoric she’s already spouting.

The Georgia lawmaker appeared to take aim at the House Speaker’s comments when she referred to “an enemy within,” in a subsequent tweet on Saturday.
“Yes there is an enemy within. And that enemy is a poisonous rot of socialist policies and America last sell outs,” she wrote.


the people of this country are absolutely 100% loyal to him

Check your math there, Margie.


“I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.”


She does realize that the FBI is now taping every phone call Trump has? She better not be negotiating her insurrection fees/Russian Mafia funding candidly with The Con Man.


God she’s dumb. If that was so he’d be into his 2d term.


True genuine dullness moved his pity,
Unless it offered to be witty.

“Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift”


according to her mask, he should be.


But as we all know these people think the whole country’s behind them. Always have, and are resistant to contradictory evidence no matter how hard it whacks them in the face.


Not as bad as this part:

because he is 100% loyal to the people


Trump is still kicking McCarthy for his lack of support and reminding him (and Yertle and all the other Twitler Youth) who’s really in charge. Apparently Kev’s abject crawling and fervent ass-kissing down a Merde-a-Barfo the other day weren’t groveling enough.


I hope Trump’s lawyers (if he has any at this point) are warning him that he no longer has a friendly DoJ nor the protection of the Office of the Presidency. Biden’s DoJ is likely to view further incitement for violent acts unkindly, and these phone calls are leaving a trail for even the laziest of investigators to follow.