Parnas’ Disclosure To House Intel Committee Throws Wrench Into Criminal Case | Talking Points Memo

NEW YORK — Tempers flared at a Thursday hearing in the prosecution of Lev Parnas, as an attorney for the former friend of Rudy Giuliani’s was accused of ethical misconduct.

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Oetken also noted that only a “tiny percentage” of what Bondy gave to the House has so far been released to the public.

Whoa there… Ya’ mean there’s a whole helluva lot more to come?


Steely Dan have really let themselves go.


Bondy had told the government just before the hearing began that he had been unaware that it was possible for Parnas to access his own iCloud account because he was the account holder;

Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker. Ummm, that’s kinda what account holder means.


I continue to wonder how on the up and up the SD of NY is being. This - them getting out of the way in this hearing - gives me some comfort that they are continuing to pursue crimes and have not been sucked into Bill Barr’s corruption. Now why Guilliani is not also indicted yet is another question, and one that may be related to Bill Barr’s corruption.




Rules, your honor? Respectfully, what fucking rules?


If @ncsteve is here I would really appreciate his take on this. I’m stranded in the land of WTF.


“We will withdraw our request,” Bondy said. “Younger people in my office identified that we can do this.”

This cracks me up.


When standing at Judicial benches
Fruman’s lawyer is throwing big wrenches.
But doughty Todd Blanche
Faces an avalanche
Of activities emitting foul stenches.




OK, Boomer??


I think I am older than Bondy. Even I know that I can access my iCloud account.


I suppose there’s always the hope that the House gets their hands on (or already has their hands on) some pretty damning shit that turns tomorrow’s acquittal into the biggest mistake of 50+ peoples’ lives, but I doubt it. What’s leaked so far and anything on that level isn’t going to be enough. As soon as it’s over tomorrow, the vast majority of America is going to put it right out of their heads and move on and it’s going to take one helluva fucking smoking gun type info dump to get them to be at all interested in this shit again. To them, this is a nightmare in a very different way than it is for us, and they just want it over, done, gone and forgotten, and once given the opportunity to pretend it is, it is going to be nigh impossible to bring them back to it without them resenting us for it.

This country really is too stupid to survive.


I don’t know how old Bondy is, but my youngest kid is older than Lev Parnas, and even I knew that.


Old people, and those that have assistants to do their electronics.


I’m going with one release a week all the way to election day.

Just cause the Senate cuts off the Impeachment trial prematurely doesn’t mean we can’t keep making incriminating evidence public!


Do you need a drink or a nap? Because once this goes away for Trump then he’ll be off to the races for his next “scheme”. The question then becomes is Rudy going to stay involved or listen to his own legal team.
This Ukraine thing and Trump was just a story arc, there’ll be plenty more. And if nothing happens to him tomorrow then Trump will out do this arc.
But don’t forget that Senators have a smaller pool of people to fool. And their constituents generally have stronger feeling about their elected representatives because they’re “local” guys and gals, and “those” people over there.


Actually, they’ve been waiting for this to be over to hog wild with the trash that Rudy collected over there fro Lutsenko, Firtash, Shokin, Derkash and others. He did his little One America TV special and has had a couple little bits referring to it all on Faux News, but I expect that the next step, once they feel safe, is to bust it all out and start “taking it seriously”, i.e., maybe having DOJ investigate it now or Grahama spearhead the Senate opening an investigation into it, going to the media to announce things and pretend it’s all very serious and has proven Trump’s concerns valid, using it to release things as counters to new information coming out about Trump’s scheming, etc. we’re not done hearing about Ukraine. We’re just done hearing about OUR narrative portion of the Ukraine story. And you can bet your sweet ass that the GOP is going to be hellbent on exacting vicious revenge over the next few months.

With only 9 months to the election, I expect not much in terms of a new scandal will come out, that the media will breathe a collective sign of relief over impeachment ending and return to its usual paradigm that led to Trump’s election, that the GOP propaganda machine will start having more success in controlling the narrative outside of its core network and corporate players and that the GOP will immediately devote themselves to the task of suppressing votes and rigging the election in the states they control.

Don’t believe me? It’s already started…


True…but he’s so used to the actual account holder being Firtash, that it slipped by him.

Those mafiosos! They’re such a riot sometimes…when they’re not breaking legs.