‘Panties in a Bunch’: Kansas Official Blew Off Concerns About 2018 Polling Place Move | Talking Points Memo

The House Oversight Committee revealed Wednesday new information about how local election officials in Kansas botched the relocation of a polling place that put Dodge City’s single site for voting at a location more than a mile from the nearest bus stop.

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One of the most worrisome recent developments is how comfortable GOP pols and operatives now feel in cheating openly.


…and we have the usual ‘I do what I want’ BS from those in power. ‘It’s MY decision dammit and I don’t NEED any input!’ Then the paranoia kicks in…‘It’s the OTHER that is making this more than it is! So WHAT if those people have to figure out how to get there?’ It’s sad that these ‘public’ servants aren’t really for the … public.


The constitution needs an explicit universal “right of the citizen to vote that shall not be infringed” amendment.


A Lady of the Invisible Empire no doubt.


Just Ne-Groes Poor people and Takers
They don’t count


Does she still have her job because it seems she has CONTEMPT for the people she is trying to facilitate their ability to vote?

Rachel Maddow did a segment on her show 2yr ago featuring the young man who was the lead on the case, he was 17yo-turning-18yo in time for the election and he was PUMPED to vote. She showed that the ‘original’ site which Cox claimed was having construction had not STARTED THE CONSTRUCTION there were some heavy machines in the parking lot WAY far away from the building. She showed the bus stop nearby. She showed the ‘other’ building was way out in what we used to call ‘bumfuck Egypt’ because it was one of those buildings put up in anticipation of population moving out there…but there was nothing around for a long way. (In our NM county there are offices like that and I admire them for being forward-looking but they are not the ONLY place to vote in our county…there are voting facilities all over.)

ETA I wonder if she will do a segment on this tonight; last night was ALL coronavirus with an actual EXPERT doing an explainer. But this kid deserves another time to shine.


I used to be a poll worker. People get so confused if the polling place is even slightly different from the last time they voted. We had to change the entrance location to a different door one year and it caused a great deal of confusion and many complaints. This woman is unbelievably cavalier. I wonder if she’s elected or appointed?


This is EXACTLY what I’m expecting come November. Whether it’s due to “virus concerns”, or “piss off the libs”, expect thousands of urban polling places to suddenly shutter out of the blue days before the election, with new polling places up in the burbs and sticks.

Lawsuits to follow, but of course, too late. Gunna be a shitshow of GOP malfeasance.


So it was in 2018. Which congressional district is it in?

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When I see people like this, show the complete lack of empathy - the total inability to see a situation from another’s point of view - while ACKNOWLEDGING that they will ‘catch flack’ for their inability - It just astounds me.

Willfully ignorant. GLEEFULLY ignorant. It sums up the entire mindset of the MAGAts


Little known fact: LOL comes from the bible. It is what Jesus said to the lame/blind/ill people who came and asked for his help.


Hey, kids … let’s play What’s Wrong with this Fucking Sentence?

Additionally, she admitted that some newly registered voters received registration confirmation notices that lasted incorrectly the old polling place.

You either care about your craft or you collect paychecks.


We do, albeit not technically “universal”…

Fifteenth Amendment

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude

Nineteenth Amendment

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

24 covers poll taxes…26 covers age…but yeah, “expressio unius est exclusio alterius”…the hodgepodge…even the very need to have made Amendments like this in and of itself…suggests there are reasons to abridge the right to vote that are fine under the Constitution (like, oh, say, taking it away from felons and then institutionalizing the systemic mass incarceration of black people to keep them from the polls).


Forget the big stuff (Well, don’t, but you get the idea…). It is the seemingly small stuff like this that often flies under the radar, and is repeated thousands of times at the local level, that gets us in the end.


Full white entitlement mode here… why, those lazy moochers can just drive to the new polling spot or take Uber! What’s the big deal about the voting booths not being near a bus?


Happened in Arizona in the 2016 primary. A GOP state official got rid of a number of polling places and THEN there were long lines and THEN she said, OOPS, sorry.

What I am most curious about is what the ATTORNEY for that county who apparently did not advise Cox that she could not win the lawsuit.

THIS cost the citizens of that county $100K and if “I” were one of those citizens I would be pissed.

I am originally from Chicago and have followed the multiple lawsuits for police misconduct. The city is closing numerous schools at the same time their insurance has paid HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in lost lawsuits against police misconduct. Now I know this was paid by the City’s insurance, but their insurance rates must be astronomical.


They are simply comfortable spinning/lying/deceiving about motives and so think they are convincing everybody else because they have convinced themselves.

Without negative consequences, who could argue with their illogical conclusion?


Clearly Dementia praeCox


You try walking a mile from the bus stop using a walker and see if your panties don’t bunch up.