Oyster, Air Fryer And Bicycle Companies Say Their Goods Are Essential To Fighting Coronavirus So They Can Get Tariff Relief | Talking Points Memo

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Evidently, Toadglan’s tariffs, which costs consumers only $57 billion a year, are not only popular across a broad spectrum of American industry, they’re garnering increasing widespread support.

Welcome to the U.S.!

The article left out Ivanka’s shoes, purses and “luxury” accessory items made in ‘Jina’ by factories that hire child labor… I mean, without them so many of her customers would feel naked and totally exposed to the virus. How long before she comes out with a rhinestone bejewelled face mask anyway? So many need those things to feel good about themselves too, especially Ivanka. Just ask her.

These companies for the most part are total bunk as it applies to this pandemic, which means tRump and his criminal enterprise will award relief for anyone who personally gives to his campaign or who first “will do him a favor, though”.

Maybe its time for me to take a break. Yeah. Most definitely.


Trump always says China’s paying us all the tariff money. So what exactly do these folks want relief from? So confused.


Some companies have responded to the tariffs by moving production back to the U.S., but far more have simply found suppliers outside of China, in countries such as Vietnam and Mexico.

And how many of these suppliers in Vietnam and Mexico are, in turn, being supplied from China???

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Probably a good number of them. Parts get shipped from China, but the final assembly now occurs in Vietnam or Mexico. Companies have been doing this for decades to get around tariffs or origin labeling requirements.

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Horse shit.

adult-sized bikes that are flying off shelves as commuters seek an alternative to public transportation

We switched from trams and buses to bikes while here in Gothenburg. The bike has also been doing its best to replace my now-unused gym membership.

Gyms are still open here in Sweden. The government is big on exercise and recreation. No way I’m going to do a lot of heavy breathing in a room full of other heavy breathers, even if everybody in the place wore a mask.

It is hard to even find a mask to buy here, and it isn’t because of high demand. On the positive side, I think mask wearing would be very high if the health agency said everyone should wear one.

So why don’t they? I don’t really know, but my guess is that the health agency has the following combination of beliefs:
–infection brings immunity, at least through the next flu season
–the current rate of infection is tolerable
– more infections now means a lower peak in the winter
–the bulk of the people in Sweden will respond quickly to increased restrictions should the rate exceed the tolerable level.

It sounds much like the “herd immunity” approach, but it is not a libertarian version of it.