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Seven Democratic presidential contenders on Friday gathered for the last debate before Monday’s presidential primary in the state, a crucial vote in the still-crowded candidate field.

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Not a fan of all the gotcha/process questions. E.g. is Bernie unlikeable, would you have taken out Souleimani, wouldn’t investigating Trump be divisive, etc. Shame on ABC for stooping this low and throwing out Fox talking points to sensationalize a very serious situation. Anyone who helps Trump win, even under the guise of “it’s just business”, is the enemy AFAIC.

That said, the one good thing about gotcha questions is that they give a talented and courageous respondent a chance to turn them around to their advantage by not taking the bait, and I think these Dems did a great job of doing just that. So, thanks ABC, for the hosebaggery!


For me, Amy Klobuchar moved way up. I’m still for Warren, but it looks like main stream media is trying to ignore her. I’m expecting a “Yee Haw” moment from the media to chase her away. I saw a person write that Biden reminds them of an old guy, yelling in a bar trying to prove to everyone that he’s still relevant. We need to move on from the old Dem party. BTW, I’m 67 years old. We need to get out of the way…


Warren, Klobuchar and Buttigieg all give very sharp, well-thought out answers. They would be very tough for Trump to beat. They’re professionals. Biden just can’t seem to get his answers out as coherently as they do. I don’t live in New Hampshire but if I did I’d probably vote for Klobuchar. But it would be a close call.


I agree, I’d be happy to support any of them. But I keep thinking back to 2016, when HRC gave sharp, substantive answers in her debates with Trump, in fact wiped the floor with him three straight times, and gained no apparent advantage from it.


Agree, I’m for Warren and then Bernie, but if I didn’t like them, Klobuchar would be my pick. Every answer from Biden was shouting “I did that! It was me!”, not always coherently, and Buttigieg just kept repeating bland platitudes that remind me of a non-idiot version of Dan Quayle.


IMHO, Buttigieg defending Hunter Biden should be one of the top takeaway from the debate…

DAVIS: Impeachment is, of course, over, but Republicans in Congress have already started investigating Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter. Mayor Buttigieg, do you think that there’s a danger in for the Democratic Party to nominate a candidate who is still under the threat of investigation?

BUTTIGIEG: No, and we are not going to let them change the subject. This is not about Hunter Biden or Vice President Biden or anybody. This is about an abuse of power by the president. The vice president and I and all of us are competing, but we’ve got to drawn a line here. And to be the kind of president — to be the kind of human being — who would seek to turn someone against his own son, who would seek to weaponize a son against his own father, is an unbelievably dishonorable thing that is just one more example of why we as a party have to be completely united in doing whatever it takes, at the end of the day, to make sure that this president doesn’t get a second term.

Biden then thanked Buttigieg for promising not to criticize his family’s foreign business dealings, “I thank my colleague for saying that. It is a diversion.”


My takeaway is we had a bunch of white guys yelling while an asshole mod (Muir) kept yapping about war.


My takeaway is that all but 2 candidates don’t have a hope in hell and the endless debate sh*tshow is distracting from the seriousness of the need to take Trump out.

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He shoulda stopped at the abusing power part imo. It’s unnecessary to mention the son and father thing. I wouldn’t hesitate to weaponize ttump’s kids against him, because they did something wrong. There’s no compelling evidence that the Bidens broke the law, and that’s the difference. I don’t like the pivot to emotions/humanity, but maybe that’s just me.


ABC is the only terrestrial TV channel evangelicals are allowed to watch, if they can’t get Fox News or Disney on cable.


They’ve pre-screwed Biden, and Warren and Sanders are to the Left of Biden.

Leaves Pete (too young), Mike (too billionaire), and Amy.

I have 50 quid at 34-1 on this porridge is just right…

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I started out thinking Buttigieg was too young and just a mayor of a small Indiana city. Thought he was trying to sell books and get name recognition for down the road. He had nothing to lose and much to gain by running. Did not expect him to do so well.

Then I started to have an open mind due to his verbal abilities and thought, well, maybe…

About 3 weeks ago, my bullshit detector started going off whenever I listened to him.
I believe my bullshit detector is nearly as enlarged as my prostate.
Now, I really don’t like him and he turns me off. He has the personality and charisma of a large unadorned wall painted flat white.
To me, there’s something just not genuine about him.

I have done many things that were not against the law, but still were not OK.
It’s the perception that matters.
People hear about Biden, corruption, Ukraine over and over for months on end and those words may influence their perception of Biden. Not everyone has the time or inclination to follow up on everything they hear. The fact that Hunter Biden was paid fifty grand a month for a job he most likely never would have been offered if not for his father is all that matters to some. Being as it was in Ukraine, a cesspool of corruption, does not help.
Some people have pointed out that as Trump has gained points, Biden lost points during and after the impeachment hearings. It could just be a coincidence, but I think there’s a connection.


Yes, I agree with that. Optics do matter. We know that from 2016. But my point is that if people are gonna defend Biden, I hope they do so from a legal angle instead of doing those “it’s cruel to a father” thing. Some might find that relatable I guess, but I find it irrelevant and even cringeworthy.


And if there was enough of a concentrated media message from Dems, or least one on the offensive, that perception could be dented enough. Alas, it’s all just useless debates that are the equivalent of fiddling* while Rome burns.

(*I think it was actually a harp, for you history purists.)


I am still laughing, best comment of the year.

As far as Biden’s son; Trumps sons and daughter. We make allowances for who we are for.

Untill we get serious the BS continues.


To me, policies don’t matter. The only thing that matters is who has coat tails and who can help win the Senate. Without the Senate, we are right back where we were in the Obama administration and that doesn’t do anyone any good. I would almost rather lose the presidency than the Senate. We have one and only one chance to do this and we need to do it right.


He’s Bill Clinton without the charm. Will take any stance that he thinks will get him the advantage, can speak very deeply with legitimate concern and convincingly, but at the end of the day may turn around and do the opposite if it will get him the win. That’s been my take on Pete. I like him and I think he has a future, but he needs to figure out what it is he believes in other than just “winning”. For me it’s hard to support him right now because of that, though in a few years depending on what he does I think he will be formidable.

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Since I didn’t watch the debate, I’m interested in the comments. I watched The Maddow show on the revenge purge of the Vindman brothers and Sondland. Mad King Donald thinks he has complete power to do whatever he wants.

Chris Hayes’ town hall was interesting when he let the people of New Hampshire speak, but boring when he gave time to gas bags on “the panel”. Many NH voters seemed quite impressed by Klobuchar in the debate.


Thank you, Muir was terrible and he fancies himself a special forces operator when he’s neither that nor a journalist.