On The Bus To Albany With New York’s Gun Guys | Talking Points Memo

ALBANY, NY — Jaime Rios is a Republican, but he loves liberals. His wife is one. Most of his other family members are, too, along with many of his friends. One friend of his, Rios says, is a “really, really, really, really, really left, left, left, left-as-left-can-go person. I think it goes off the radar left.”Decades ago, Rios’ parents emigrated from Colombia, and moved to Long Island, N.Y., where his father had a manufacturing business and where Rios grew up. Rios, 39, stayed close to home, and now works as a software engineer for Nikon. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and an easy-going, quiet manner. He has two young kids. He recently got an iPhone 4. He’s into video games. He used to fix up cars.

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