NYT Top Editor Laments Trump ‘Unity Vs. Racism’ Headline Was A ‘F*cking Mess’

During a recent town hall with New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet, the top editor admitted to staff that the newspaper could improve its coverage of race in the Trump era and lamented the headline that sparked uproar last week was a “fucking mess,” the Daily Beast reported.

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“Unity”= “Everyone should just agree with me.”


There’s a lot of things the NYT should lament that got us to where we are today… here are just 2

  1. Anointing Obama over Hillary in the 2008 primaries.

  2. Building up tRump (or at least not telling the truth about how despicable he is) in the 2016 election


1 / A completely avoidable mess and one of the NYT’s own making.

2 / Why, again, was the Public Editor, who might have helped avoid such debacles, fired? Was it to avoid embarrassing the Big Shots like Sulzberger and Baquet?

3 / News outlets can avoid this problem in the future with one Universal Headline:
Old Stupid Bald Man Spouts Further Nonsense.

4 / Wen Lee Ho is laughing.


Trump and the people he speaks to… his base… are an evil cancer in our country.
Cruelty and bigotry are life long characteristics of trump.


Actually, frack Dean Baquet and his steadfast unwillingness to accept professional responsibility for the ongoing shitshow which is the NYT’s editorial and front-page “hot takes.”


While Trump did call out white supremacists in his speech following a weekend of deadly gun violence, he also regurgitated the typical line of conservative reactions to mass shootings, which blamed everything but guns and gun laws for shooting violence.

So we should pray in schools for NYTimes headlines?


The MSM IMHO is complicit in tRump being in the White House. The hypocrisy of NYT is stunning because the country will never forget the daily Clinton Email coverage perpetuated by Maggie Haberman. Never once did Habeman mention that her mother worked for the Kushner’s while she was pushing the Clinton email conspiracy. http://www.citjourno.org/maggie3.
So the NYT letting loose the headline that they did for tRump is no surprise as it would benefit all major news outlets if he (trump) stayed exactly where he is considering the majority billionaire media owners are Republicans.


Mr. Baquet, your newspaper is a fucking mess, has been for quite a while. Why don’t you work on fixing that?


Lamentable how NYT headlines under Baquet inevitably show Individual-1 in a favorable, or at least defensible, light.

(Still waiting for the apology for the late October 2016 “Investigating Trump’s Russia ties, FBI finds nothing” headline. Only in the 20th para did it actually acknowledge oh wait, there sure are some interesting associations).

Just really lamentable.


Ok Baquet, credit for acknowledging you (pl.) fucked up. What are you doing about it to prevent the next one, and have you gotten around to running a retraction of Judy Miller’s pro war in Iraq advocacy, yet? Or are we too close to the next middle-east American war?


“Divisive” = “Aaaaw, you elected a black guy POTUS…now look what you made us do…for over a decade…”


Good. Now when can we expect the apology for the countless Hillary/dark clouds/ emails headlines?


Like the fox chyron, the errors seem oddly unidirectional.


The Times should prefix every single mention of Donald Trump with the words “Proven Liar”. Every single time. Why? Because when you have a thousand pieces of evidence for something, that’s just another way of saying you proved it. It’s not some quirky little Harper’s index trivia, dammit - it’s a basic fact of the universe everyone should be aware of!


cautioned staff against allowing the Twitterverse to spur reactions within the newsroom and the way it conducts its journalism.

Unless, of course, it royally fucks up, in which case perhaps listening to the Twitterverse is not such a bad idea, which is exactly what the New York Times rightfully did.


Hire some people with real journalism credentials and put them in charge.


I think it’s called “Normalizing the Indefensibly Abnormal.”


“assailing hate but not guns”. Still a f*cking mess.
Any media source that pretends that the Dump is not a complete failure and a total danger to the planet needs therapy.


Most professional organizations have ways of preventing the worst, the F*cking messes. Generally they have checklists.

One good item on the list would be: Does the headline properly summarize the events?

Apparently, this is too much for the NYT, so I just cannot summon any sympathy or even empathy.