NYPD Probing Vandalism Of Megan Rapinoe Posters As Hate Crime

The New York Police Department is investigating whether vandalized posters of openly gay soccer star Megan Rapinoe found in New York City were hate crimes.

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Hate is the core value of conservatism.


Not sure vandalizing posters, especially in the New York subway, rises to the level of a hate crime (it’s a misdemeanor, right?), but whatever.

Trump will never invite the women to the White House, because he knows that none of them would show up.


Actually, no. Not historically. True conservatives are not racist–at least it’s not part of the ideology; indeed, it is contrary to the ideology.

There are very, very few true conservatives any more. There are many, many reactionaries, racists, neo-Nazis and fascists who call themselves conservative. And the media lets them do it.


Trump vs USWNT is making the Thai women’s team feel good about themselves by comparison.


if Trump ends up inviting the team to the White House (despite declaring he’d invite the team “win or lose” during his tirade against Rapinoe

It’s drives me crazy that this keeps being repeated. During one of his “White House helicopter chats” he said he would invite them. Then a few days later, during another “helicopter chat” he backtracked.

One thing is sure, regardless: They aren’t going to the fucking White(s Only) House.


Yes, the word has lost whatever positive referents it had decades past. I think I mentioned a medical technician I know who said that she’s embarrassed over her parents’ bigotry. She said, “They hate blacks, Latinos, Jews. Yes, they’re real conservative”.


The hate crime part comes from the anti-gay messages written on the posters. If they’d just drawn moustaches it would be simple vandalism.


Well, there are fiscal conservatives, small-government conservatives, and social conseratives.

The last group has always had lots of racism in it.

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It’s weird. Rapinoe has the Trumpholes enraged with a degree of fury similar to what Muhammad Ali generated in white people in his prime.


And most of them don’t even follow soccer, men’s or women’s, to know what all the hubbub is about.

To many Americans, the sport belongs to those namby pamby South Americans and Europeans. Give Americans a good game of football any day.

And of course, they don’t know the difference between football and football.

That’s about right. All the trumpholes see is a LESBIAN who is not ashamed, as she should be, of herself and it drives them crazy with rage.

But remember, it’s HELPLESS rage.


And they would never eat the crap he serves.


If they threw the milkshakes en masse at him, that would be choice but I’d settle for them pouring them on his shoes and walking out.

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Quite the change from the Clinton White House, when Bill was derided as a star stricken hayseed for wanting to meet with athletes or artists.


At least he never served them hamberders.


Eye patches and blacked out teeth were my doodles of choice.

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Sounds like the manchild who would be King, is perturbed at insufficient levels of worship and idolatry.

I started out an uneasy conservative…Reagan transformed me.

which prompted President Donald Trump to throw a fit on Twitter and accuse her of disrespecting “our Country, the White House” and “our Flag.”

Half truth. The disrespect is real, but the reason is wrong.

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