NYC Death Toll Eclipses Number Killed In World Trade Center On 9/11

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s death toll from the coronavirus rose past 3,200 Tuesday, eclipsing the number killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lay in intensive care, believed to be the first major world leader hospitalized with the virus.

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As the country grapples with shortages of PPE and ventilators, almost 9 million job losses and rising death toll, the self proclaimed Wartime Prez aka Covidiot Trump is telling lies about his daughter creating 15 million jobs and calling on her to RUN!

Nepotism and Despotism in spades in times of Coronavirus pandemic!

How egregious and grotesque is that!


What no Dear God emoji?


This pandemic is a horror.

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Both disasters caused by illegitimately-elected, conservative idiot Presidents too busy and self-important to read the Presidential Daily Briefs clearly warning them about the impending disaster.


Why do you rob banks? Banks are where the money is. You need family to help you make money off the bankers who are professional vultures themselves.

It was always about the money. That is why Ivanka was front and center and Cuck Kushner was brought in after the trillion dollars from Congress became available. The Inspector General was fired to enable an easy getaway from the heist.


Heckuva job, Trumpy…

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I’d ask you to shoot me now but, in all honesty, she’s not a whole lot worse than those other two clowns.


Well, if on September 11th it was important for everyone to know that Trump Tower was now the tallest building, maybe he can go on TV and tell New Yorkers that his whole family is alive and well.


Here, honey. It’s your turn to learn how to fuck everything up with your narcissistic belief in your own infallibility. Oh it makes me so proud… of myself.


She’s the Lisa Kudrow of Nazis.



The U.S. has 400,412 confirmed cases and 12,854 deaths from COVID-19.

That’s a case-fatality ratio (CFR) of 3.21% (world avg. 6.13%). U.S. population: 330,465,437.

Low-estimate models predict 20% will become infected.

If 20% of the population becomes infected and with a 3.21% CFR, that translates into approximately 2,128,412 dead Americans.

12,854 confirmed deaths is more than the U.S. combat deaths over the 8 years, 8 months, 28 days of the of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, known as the “Iraq War” and the U.S. combat deaths over 18 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 6 days of the War in Afghanistan… combined.

Death of a Talking Point

12,854 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 is more than the confirmed deaths (3,433) from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic in the U.S. according to the CDC. It is also more than the oft-touted figure of 12,469 deaths from H1N1 which was an after-the-fact calculation by the CDC based its model.

2,128,412 deaths would be more than the U.S. combat deaths during the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, War in Afghanistan, the Iraq War and 9/11… combined.


Blockquote NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s death toll from the coronavirus rose past 3,200 Tuesday, eclipsing the number killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11…At least 3,202 people have died in New York City from COVID-19, the city reported. The deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil killed 2,753 people in the city and 2,977 overall, when hijacked planes slammed into the twin towers, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001
They’re all Newyorkers when editors need to emphasize a tragedy. The numbers don’t add up clearly but I sense that the US is about to invade a few sovereign nations soon