NY, NJ And CT Guvs Tell Travelers From COVID Hot Spots To Isolate For 14 Days | Talking Points Memo

NEW YORK (AP) — New York, Connecticut and New Jersey tell travelers from states with rising coronavirus rates to isolate for 14 days.

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And this is still the first wave…


The quarantining would be dandy were if enforceable. But alas, it ain’t.


I have to wonder how bad does it have to get for people to finally start taking this seriously.

We are a tourist factory town and when a provincial couple barges in without reading the precautions sigh on the door and stand right next to masked people asking for service, the cultural difference can’t make up for the rude behavior. We tell them they have to wear one of the masks we have on hand, and they respond: 'You have to be kidding me." Then they get scanned for a fever and the same response comes out with attitude. Price and quality of service depends on attitude, so some equalization comes about.

I wouldn’t have to be this way if people would just keep the First “I would rather” of FSM in mind, mainly, “Don’t be an asshole.” Ramen, Ramen. Lasagna in the Highest.


Lots of places have restricted hours for people vulnerable to the virus. Why shouldn’t we have a “limited to assholes” time and tell them they can come in between 8 and 9 am. Of course the store won’t open until 10.

Why can’t this be a public health “no shirt no shoes no service” thing?


Well, I guess it’s a less complicated life to understand I’m living in a shithole state in a shithole country. Nobody wants us, so we better stay put.

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There are some enforcement mechanisms. For example, if you check into any kind of lodging, you get tagged for testing and quarantine.

By the way, the EU just did the same thing to the United States. Waitstaff in France and Italy are celebrating.


As of Wednesday, states over the threshold were Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas.

Why the fuck is Washington on that list? WA’s moving average daily new case rate is 5.4/100000; the test positivity rate is 4.8%. The criteria are, per nbc news:

Cuomo said the quarantine will apply to any state where 10 of every 100,000 people test positive on a rolling seven-day basis, or where the positivity rate in the total population is 10 percent, also on a seven-day rolling basis.

…and checking NBC news, the list of quarantined traveller states no longer includes Washington. That’s a change from this AM. I smell more NY state clusterfuckage, but at least they fixed it: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/tri-state-to-require-visitors-from-covid-hotspots-to-quarantine/2482284/

NYC level bad worked. NY state has got their numbers back down, Italy-style.

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We belong on the list. Things are going to hell here. Yakima, Benton and Franklin County have been getting steadily worse for several weeks. I fear the rest of the state just shrugged it off as “just the slaughterhouses and the fruit packing sheds”. But those people are also us.

New York looks to be using a cumulative 7-day infection rate rather than a daily rate. WA state reports itself as having a two-week rate of 62 per 100k population


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2 week number vs. Johns Hopkins 1 week moving average. Meanwhile, the NY state consortium appears to have removed WA from the quarantine list. Lower density eastern counties blowing up does not mean the rate number moves much.

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