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Not sure how much it will matter, NRA was used to keep Republicans in line with extreme pro gun stances, but now the right wing echo chamber does that without needing the NRA to step in.


Can someone remind me how drag queens are a persistent threat to the nation and the proliferation of guns is not?


Just the most recent boogy man to distract their voters from their terrible policies.


Instead, it cut many core programs, including education and training, field services, law enforcement initiatives and recreational shooting.

It appears as the the NRA’s strategy for survival involves cutting any of the programs they had in the past that were remotely positive in any way and simply becoming nothing more than an anti-government cult of paranoia. Unfortunately, that will probably work for them. Spewing bullshit propaganda through mass emails isn’t very expensive and there will always be enough paranoid nut jobs out there willing to pay them for that bullshit to keep them afloat.


Well, in the upside down world of MAGAland it makes perfect sense. Drag queens (or anything to do with sexuality or sex in general) make the little snowflakes feel creepy because they are told that they are going to hell if they think about or participate in anything that has to do with sex…which is why perversion is so rampant among fundementalist, so called christians. It is a case of their continual cognitive dissonance.
Guns, on the other hand are the main indicator that they are real men, or women, ready to defend their Country, god,ideology or any of their crackpot idols.


How much is getting laundered for putin and his surviving oligarchs?


At what point do they stop needing members, because all they are is a propaganda organization?


Bill Brewer continuing to bleed the NRA dry is genuinely hilarious to me.


May we all live to tramp the dirt down.


Remember how quickly Governor Reagan signed gun-control legislation when Black Panther Party members took advantage of California’s loose restrictions in the late 1960s, and started showing up, heavily armed, at public protests?




The NRA is long overdue for liquidation.


NRA delenda est? Sure hope so.

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NRA’s Path To Recovery From Financial Woes Leaves The Gun Group Vulnerable To New Problems

Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin Inc. is not a new problem for them.


Tots and players, tots and players for the NRA.

Fewer weapons, more legal expenses for NRA looks like a good formula for the public’s welfare.

Incidentally, per the photo, it would be great if they could clarify for us why anyone other than the military, and maybe a few museums, should own an M2 machine gun. Are they celebrating Ma Duce’s 100th birthday?

Republicans like guns.

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Awww…how many years now has their demise been immenant? Let us know when they are there…otherwise more schools shootings yesterday in Denver barely made the local news…

There’s no mention of drag queens in the Constitution. Don’t let all those 18th Century wigs fool you.

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HTF to legal and admin costs go up 12 fold in 4 years? $4M to $47M? Or is that the bespoke suit business?

Even if you assume $1,000 per hour (semi-expensive partner - can you guess that I’ve been traumatized in the past), that’s 20 full time partners (or 10 with the usual billing hour inflation) as 2,000 hours per year at $1,000 per hour is $2M.
Whoever their law firm is, appears to be “charging like a wounded rhino” in UK-speak.

Someone is getting plump at the trough. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of paranoid psychopaths.