Not Exactly A Ringing Endorsement: Sessions Says Trump ‘Won’t Attack’ Him In Senate Race | Talking Points Memo

Well, at least it’s a start.

President Donald Trump said as recently as June that he still seriously regrets appointing Jeff Sessions as his attorney general, yet Sessions is still dancing for Trump’s endorsement of his Alabama Senate campaign.

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“And he said he’s not going to attack me in the race,” he added."

And we all know honest and trustworthy Russia’s Agent Orange is.


And in return for not attacking, Sessions won’t make a mountain of dirt available to the public - the only possible reason.


As long as the Keebler Elf starts an investigation of Hunter Biden and Hillary’s email server…


I’m sure Sessions can take that to the bank. Trump seems like a trustworthy guy who would never go back on his word, or start badmouthing Sessions just because it got him a little extra applause at a rally or anything.


It’s cute how Jeffy believes that.


"I’m certainly going to hope [the endorsement] will happen,” Sessions told Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday.

And he said he’s not going to attack me in the race,” he added.


So, trump is going to recuse himself from that race?


The Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group that pushed for Sessions to run, released a survey that found Sessions leading the Republican field with 36 percent of Republican primary voters supporting him, ahead of former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville’s 23 percent, while Rep. Bradley Byrne and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore (who lost the 2017 special election to Jones) each had 11 percent

While Sessions might garner the most votes in the primary — good enough to win in most states — Trump could end up endorsing his opponent in the runoff, making it tougher for Sessions to attract enough additional support to win a majority.

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Let us not forget that Stephen Miller was Session’s communications director at the time Stephen was pushing white nationalist articles to Breitbart. There are attack ads in that information.


And there goes the Keebler elf

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WTF is wrong with these people


Republicans love a bully


Hey, Keebler … you’re more likely to get the endorsement of Mrs. Fields and Famous Amos.

Chips Ahoy, matey!


I dunno. In that part of the world, that might be construed by many voters as a ringing endorsement.


And Sessions believed him? How soon they forget.

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I thought about that, but it should play well in Huntsville area.

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" Not Exactly A Ringing Endorsement: Sessions Says Trump ‘Won’t Attack’ Him In Senate Race"

Yeah…here’s why…another QPQ no doubt…


At this point wouldn’t a ringing endorsement do more damage to Sessions?

Sessions: working hard for the endorsement like Donna Summers!

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Sometimes you have your guard down and it hits you full force, how pathetic all this is, the vindictive petulance on the one hand and the terrified groveling on the other. We need at least a temporary new national anthem that tells us what disappointing cowards we are, because this isn’t the land of the free and the home of the brave until we start acting like it again. I know the majority doesn’t want this, but enough of a minority did that here we are. How one single person can like this situation simply because the bastard allegedly has a white skin is beyond me.