‘No Middle Ground’: Black Business Execs Urge Corporate America To Oppose Voting Restrictions | Talking Points Memo

A group of 72 Black business leaders are calling on companies to publicly oppose a series of bills being advanced by Republicans in at least 43 states that could dramatically curb access to the ballot box. 

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“There is no middle ground here,” Kenneth Chenault, a former chief executive of American Express and one of the letter’s organizers told the Times. “You either are for more people voting, or you want to suppress the vote.”



Political framing is about creating sellable abstractions from reality. The GOP are expert at developing a sellable narrative for policies that are motivated by racial bias. But that narrative only holds for so long as there is buy in. Corporate America isn’t buying into the narrative that the GOP is selling. Most everyone knows that the GOP is gaming the system for their benefit, and that it is rooted in Trump’s big lie.

Support from corporate America was a key driver behind the move for desegregation and marriage equality. The courts took note. Don’t tell me they don’t adapt to public opinion and live only in their abstract worlds of legal reasoning.

Dems still have the hurdle to pass HR-1/S-1 to create a standard baseline for all 50 states to follow to make voting accessible and easy. However, I also think that conservative courts are feeling fatigued from having to uphold bad faith GOP efforts to game the system and that many elements of the GA bill will probably not pass legal muster. What will make it easier for the courts is for Congress to set a clear standard by passing HR-1/S-1.


Texas just said to these CEOs “watch us now”.
Again it’s the legislators that are ginning up the fear of elections not being conducted fairly just 5 months after they certified their elections. Throwing a bone of extra days to vote early does not negated the other crap in the bill Kemp signed into law.


It would be a travesty if the heavy lifting is to be done solely by black corporate leaders. White CEOs and board members -a weary nation casts its eyes on you too, to do the right thing. Because if fascism comes, it envelopes all of us.


The human has always lived in a social reality on this Planet. As time has passed, the social reality (and, thus, communication) has become more complex.

From foragers with minimal distance between doer, teller and listener to more advanced systems of social organization, in which whatever one hears as “fact” must go through others’ (layers of) judgements of what one ultimately perceives.

The GOP will always have an edge the more lazy and corrupt are the recipient and the systems of information transmission, respectively.


Don’t believe a Fucking Thing the GOP says.


This is going to be interesting. The GOP has been so blatant in its hypocrisy over the past four years of Trump that the emperor has no clothes. Politicians and pundants are having to make a choice between endorsing obvious lies or calling them out. Since the lies are so obvious, it is almost impossible for any person with credibility to find a middle ground that is credible.

Give the press credit, though. Some of the the D.C. network correspondent types are trying desperately to find ground for returning to their comfortable “both sides” argument, but it sure does sound hollow.


a series of bills being advanced by Republicans in at least 43 states that could dramatically curb access to the ballot box

43? 43???


Many of these African American CEO’s cited here have also had good relations with Republican administrations over the years, particularly Richard Parsons from Time Warner and Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier. A normal Republican Party would at least hear them out but their too busy figuring out new means of voter suppression. “How many bubbles are in a bar of Dove soap?” “I think Ivory has around 240”.


Brilliant assessment. Thank you.


Long overdue from people that should have been beating this drum last year when the pre and post election circus was in full swing…seems like it’s going to take hold this time…the GOP miscreants undermining free and fair elections will press on but this time circumstances surrounding these issues are going to be especially publicized and well funded… legal action and a winning message about who is commiting anti democratic activity as indicated in public records in the states where draconian laws have been proposed/ enacted should be able to gain traction.