NH GOPers Are Plotting A Way To Get Around Dems’ Big Voting Rights Bill | Talking Points Memo

Democrats’ sweeping democracy overhaul bill, the For the People Act, may have virtually zero chance of becoming law. But Republicans in New Hampshire are plotting a backup plan for evading it, just in case.

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“It can only be explained as a stunt, this amendment,” she said, “because New Hampshire likes things very simple, very inexpensive. This looks like it would double the costs of elections. The complications are just mind boggling.”

Thank you GQP!


New Hampshire Sen. James Gray, the Republican who sponsored the underlying bill, told TPM in an email that due to his “workload” he had not “reviewed the amendment.” (The amendment is eight lines long.)

James Gray might enjoy a visit with Republicans in Arizona, who can tell him what happens when you don’t push back on making legislative actions out of pure spite.


Gray is the new Orange.


On the bright side, doesn’t this sort of ridiculousness lay bare the corrupt intentions behind the voter suppression actions in each state legislature?

Try explaining to Joe or Jane Voter why they have to register to vote twice, or learn two different sets of rules depending on whether an election is federal or state-level. Normal citizens don’t like change for change sake, or major inconveniences.

Sure, it’s great when your speedbumps only hassle the most vulnerable voters of the other political party. This initiative doesn’t seem to be that targeted.


With all these gyrations to screw the people, these cretins don’t even PRETEND to be adherents of the Constitution or in any way believers in Democracy.


New Hampshire has 1.3 million people and 400 reps in the state house.
California has 39.5 million people and 80 reps.


OT, but not totally unrelated: Can we end the discussion immediately by telling DT to fuck off?


The guy who could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose voters doesn’t want to be caught telling his voters to storm the Capitol to change an election.


Indeed. The “target” here is Democratic voters, rather than “those people”. So many Democrats having been sneaking across the state line that R hegemony has been seriously, if not irreparably, damaged. This is a feckless rear guard action.


“Legislating” is a participatory pastime in NH. There’s an excellent chance that one of the people in the checkout line with you is, or has been, in the state House.


John Harwood

Public Religion Research Institute poll clearly identifies ground zero for Donald Trump’s election lie was the 2020 election stolen from Trump? white evangelicals: 61% yes everyone else: 24% yes

Why don’t the evangelicals understand that God apparently wanted Biden as president? Doesn’t believing something that is demonstrably not true mean you are defying God? Isn’t that a sin?


“God is all seeing and all knowing with a perfect and divine plan. Everything that happens is God’s will.”

…and Joe Biden?

“Clearly, the work of the devil”


The state GOP sent out an email Tuesday seeking witnesses to testify in support of the state bill amendment. The email claimed — falsely — that the amendment would “NULLIFY the Federal Election takeover” in New Hampshire.

You know, one of the things that is almost certainly true for every elected official at the state or federal level is that they have a shitload of connections. If they have to blast out an email asking people to complain in order to justify their voter suppression, that’s about as lame as evil gets.


Republicans are afraid of voters. I know that this is not a major revelation, but there simply cannot be any other explanation for these election law acrobatics.


You know who else doesn’t like two systems, county BOEs.

This is also not the first time that Republicans have considered a bifurcated election system so that they can implement stricter voting laws. When then-Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach ® wanted to evade a federal court order halting his proof-of-citizenship registration requirement, he sought to implement the requirement just for state and local elections instead. That workaround was blocked by a state court judge.

And of course Kris Kobach was in there first, do Republicans not pay attention to the fact that this was tried before?
I realize that no other issue will measure up to the states trying to restrict abortion, but please for the love of my sanity this type of thing for the ability to vote has to be shut down.


Do you have term limits in NH? And with the number of state Reps at 400 does every resident get cycled through the House of Representatives, if you live there long enough?


Seeing him in person will become less frequent-- much less on Fifth Avenue.

5-19-2021 9-21-01 AM
Seems like the apparatus is in place to run a Weekend At Donnie’s strongarm machine 24/7/365–
by those currently propping him up. Like China’s Party Chairmen of the 20th century-- who’ll ever know if he’s still alive or not?


I’ve heard that jokingly before! :grin:

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QAnon Republicans will stop at nothing to rig elections.