Newt Goes Ballistic On Pretty Much Everyone | Talking Points Memo

This fall, Newt Gingrich would make the same closing argument at every debate: “everybody on this stage,” he liked to say, would be better than Barack Obama. Slowly, however, that narrative has been replaced with a desire to take down every one of his opponents, even if it damages Republican chances next November.When Newt rocketed to the top of the polls in December, he had little money or organization to sustain his momentum against a barrage of negative ads from pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future and Newt placed fourth in Iowa. Newt preached a positive message through the caucuses, but now that his own Super PAC is planning to attack Romney, he’s going negative, slamming the former governor on raising taxes in Massachusetts while his Super PAC backers go after Mitt’s record at Bain Capital.

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