New Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Want Trump Impeached And Removed

More than 50 percent of Americans want President Donald Trump impeached and removed, according to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday.

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So he is being impeached. The Senate GOP must be thrilled.


It’s good to see confirmation. But until we see movement on that rock-solid ceiling/floor 40% support number, I don’t see this making any difference. If that 40% number starts to evaporate, then R’s will start panicking.


The hearings continue. Soon there will be public ones.

Patience, cauliflower, patience.


That’s gonna leave a mark


The amazing thing about the current inquiry is the public seems to understand what happened with Ukraine. Last week’s Syrian nightmare is beginning to be understood for what it was. A complete and utter disaster for America’s place in the world and America’s future.


It’s breathtaking how slow Americans are to recognize a disaster until it’s too late.

It’s going to take generations to undo the damage that’s been done to every branch of government, if ever.


Trump thinks an impeachment with a senate acquittal will help him and the Republican party. He points to Clinton as his model. Clinton’s support never dropped below 60%. Most Americans thought the Republicans were wrong to impeach. Trump is an entirely different place. More than 1/2 of Americans think he should be removed. They aren’t going to rally around him. You can’t win with 40% even with a solid red line of southern states.


I wish they would frame these questions better. It really should be two:

Do you want the impeachment inquiry into Trump to continue?

If the evidence supports impeachment, do you want Trump to be put on trial in the Senate and removed?

They are mixing the two things…I think there is more support for the investigation, but when you frame it as investigating for removal then it’s not clear which one people really want. And, it would also make it clear that the Senate holds a trial and decides on removal, which would put pressure onto the Republicans as they would see what the public thinks they should do. This also frames it so the Democrats can not impeach if the evidence doesn’t support it (I don’t think that’s the case, but a fair system has to work that way).

It’s still good there is majority support, because there really needs to be that to keep the investigation moving forward…bigger numbers saying there should be an investigation would make it clear to Republicans that interference does not help their cause, so maybe they would shut up a bit to save their skins.

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We really, really, really need to start seeing some red and purple state polling on this because ultimately, that’s all that really moves the needle on impeachment. But the economics of the polling business damn near guarantee we won’t get it or, if we do, will only get low quality polls.

Polls like this are loss leaders for polling companies, brand awareness tools to get the politicians and groups who actually pay for private polling through the door. They have no more incentive to do the expensive deep digging necessary to get state and regional data than supermarkets do to extend the low milk price to cheese and yogurt. And no state or local pollster in a red state, and no one but Democratic pollsters in purple states, has any incentive to gather data that isn’t going to be pleasing to local pols. Instead, they have every incentive not to do them.


Did you know that George Gallup was an angry Democrat and all-round despicable person?


Minor miracles both but I’ll take them.



If a Democrat is elected president along with a Democratic Congress, it won’t take as long as all that.

Big if, I concede.


“Gallup also notes that the amount of support for Trump’s removal is ‘well above’ what former President Bill Clinton faced during his impeachment proceedings, and ‘higher’ than that of Richard Nixon.”

This is nonsense.

Cynical hipsters assured me the real person Americans are clamoring to remove is Speaker Pelosi.


Since nothing is ever Trump’s fault, I expect that we’ll soon be hearing that the poor numbers are due to the fake news claiming that there are terrible things happening in Syria. Otherwise, his numbers would be great. The greatest. The best numbers ever. You can’t impeach someone who is doing such a great job.


Ukraine? Then why is there an Italian word on the side of the crate it came in?


Call me cynical but if the 52% don’t match electoral college/senate seat distribution I am not feeling great about it…


He will be impeached. The key is to build enough public support to force Republicans to face an ugly choice on removal.

Do they want to vote to keep a clearly corrupt and mentally ill person in the white house (pissing off 70% of the Country) or do they piss off his racist/fascist base of 20% of the electorate (and 60% of the republican base voters).

People who kept arguing for an early impeachment (see Al Green, Tom Styer) were total morons, and Nancy’s strategy of keeping her power dry, and eat away at Trump with a drip drip, before putting the case together was the right call.