NCAA Cancels March Madness | Talking Points Memo

The NCAA announced Thursday afternoon that it is canceling the rest of its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

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Well good for them.


So did the NHL.

Covid-45 SUCKS!!!


Hey, we’re just substituting one Madness for another Madness. The Orange One.


That’s gonna burn a lot of folks. The revenue from all the games for surrounding businesses that have been gearing up for weeks… gonna be a serious economic crunch.

But Trump will just go to Bedford or Mar and have his golf game uninterrupted.

The rest of us won’t even get the circus part of our bread and circuses to distract us from his ineptitude. That should get some folks pretty mad.


The right call. It sucks, but it’s the right call.


Has Twit of the Year been cancelled, and if not, could we maybe enter Twitler in the race?

Wow. I don’t think they will ever be able to calculate the cost of this thing. Last year’s March Madness had nearly $10 billion on gambling alone. All those restaurants, bars, hotels, travel, etc., are going to get killed and that’s just for a college basketball. My regular pub here in Seattle - an Irish joint - counts on St. Paddy’s for revenue that keeps them afloat for months. This year two huge related events they rely on have been cancelled and I don’t think I can drink enough to make up the difference.


Yep, at last count, Chicago was losing over 100,000 tradeshow attendees just this month from cancelled shows. Cancelling is the right thing to do, but the economic impact of this is gonna be huge.

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One can only try, for the good of the nation…


These tournaments basically fund the rest of the stuff the NCAA does.


They haven’t cancelled French Quarter Festival or Jazzfest yet, but musician friends in New Orleans are starting to get pretty concerned. They make a lot of their income in the spring, and unless they’re touring, that has to tide them over til fall.

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I’m old enough to remember this from 02/26/2020, about 2 weeks ago …

“The level that we’ve had in our country is very low, and those people are getting better, or we think that in almost all cases they’re better, or getting,” Trump said then. So we have a total of — but we have a total of 15 people, and they’re in a process of recovering, with some already having fully recovered.”

“We have a total of 15 cases,” he reiterated again later, “many of which, or most — within a day, I will tell you most of whom are fully recovered.”

Take a victory lap, you fucking idiot.


Wow! this is going to be costly in money not just lives.

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Increasingly, the bread situation isn’t looking too great either.

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Is this all still a hoax?


They ought to have the games on the White(s Only) House basketball court. I’m pretty sure it’s not being used. Bone spurs, you know.

This is what the beginning of the pandemic looks like.

Can you still get XANAX?

From a Republican Governor


“I don’t think I can drink enough to make up the difference.”