National Guard Taps Units To Respond To Potential Civil Unrest | Talking Points Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Guard has designated military police units in two states to serve as rapid reaction forces so they can respond quickly to any potential civil unrest around the country, following violent protests that rocked the nation’s capital and several states this summer.

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Follow the money. Who profits from that “$200,000 in new protective equipment”? And whose idea was this? Scaring people about possible violent protest is Trump’s election theme, not Biden’s. Watch to see if Trump says anything about this.


I may be wrong but why this? If you keep prepping for something and fearing it you’re probably motivating it. Who’s going to be doing this “unrest”? A bunch of over the hill, overweight nobodys with self image issues. Adult men playing dress up with AR-15’s and Made in China “tactical webbing” bought in the surplus store. These guys are not going to “stand” as we called it in the Army. They’re all about the talk…not the walk. There’s not going to be a civil war, revolution or boogaloo. These guys don’t have the metal for that.


I hope this doesn’t mean that the National Guard will be joining with vigilante right-wing terrorists in attacking protesters if the fascists attempt to steal the presidency from actual voters.

We’re already having problems with trumpers disrupting peaceful voters here in NM and we’re a blue state with Democrats in control of state government. We’ve already seen the Albuquerque police welcoming right-wing terrorist assistance (but not for long).


And on November 4th their mission will change from “defending against civil unrest” to “safeguarding uncounted ballots due to multiple reports of election fraud.”

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I think you’re probably right and I certainly hope you’re right. But with the actions of tRumpers in TX, and even here in NM I don’t expect them to take the defeat of their earthly idol well.

I just want to see law enforcement go after the actual perpetrators of violence if it comes to that.


have increased troop training on proper procedures in dealing with protests.

Of course they have, because … antifa. After all, that highly organized, heavily armed gang just recently won a court case so they can open carry to the polls, at least in Michigan. /s


I’d like to see all of us, the MSM and the pundits stop aggrandizing these losers and call them what they are. Nobody. Let’s be kind and estimate there’s 1 million of them. That’s a paltry nothing when 329 million are not among them. Are they going to pull off a coup…or overthrow “the enemy” when outnumbered near 500 to 1? Let’s stop acting as if these geezer lard asses have game.


The only violence there is likely to be is from the moronic right wingers.
Proud Boys, Nazis, Klan and militias aren’t going to like the result of this election.

That’s OK, we’ll have them crushed by February.


National Guard troops ready to respond. Neil Young is standing by and hopefully will not be pressed into service.


Agree. I’ve been saying this for months. These “militias” have been around for some time. I put that in quotes because they’re militias manqué, unlike those in the Middle East whose members have been been indoctrinated since childhood with a glorification of suicidal behavior. Here, the John Birch – commies in the woodwork propaganda birthed some of the first ones in places like NJ. Yes, that’s where I first heard of one. By cracky, they were ready to fight as soon as all them commies hiding in our govnt declared themselves. They are losers standing one big bluff.

I’m guessing – hoping – that these selected NG units are getting some riot training as we speak.


…and it will be so easy for them:

Dark skin? - beat the shit out of them

Light skin, no red hat? - beat the fuck out of them

Light skin, red hat? - High-five them

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so they can respond quickly to any potential civil unrest around the country

Also let them know there’s a Russian agent trying to tamper with the count.

Count the votes, and there will be peace. At least, from us.

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Suits me. hahshahahahahahahahahahaha

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This is a MUST READ. I’ve copied it in its entirety from the New York Times so nobody will be blocked by a firewall.

Enjoy, if that’s the right word.

Don’t Fool Yourself. Trump Is Not an Aberration.

by Jamelle Bouie, New York Times

For many millions of Americans, the presidency of Donald Trump has been a kind of transgression, an endless assault on dignity, decency and decorum. They experience everything — the casual insults, the vulgar tweets, the open racism, the lying, the tacit support for dangerous extremists — as an attack on the fabric of American society itself. And they see the worst of this administration, like family separation at the border, as an unparalleled offense against the values of American democracy.

There’s no question these are useful beliefs — they are responsible for the mass outrage against Trump at the beginning of his term, the wave against the Republican Party in the 2018 midterm elections and the currently strong anti-Trump energy of at least half of the voting public — but it’s hard to say they are true ones. Trump is transgressive, yes.

But his transgressions are less a novel assault on American institutions than they are a greatest hits, a recapitulation, of past failure and catastrophe is to say that whenever the Trump era comes to an end, many Americans will feel that we’ve lost something about the country, that there’s been some irrevocable change. And to the extent this is true, it won’t be because something has actually changed, but because we’ll no longer have the luxury to indulge our illusions about the character of this nation and its government.

Put differently, there is very little about Donald Trump that doesn’t have a direct antecedent in the American past. Despite what Joe Biden might say about its supposedly singular nature (“The way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening”), the president’s racism harkens right back to the first decades of the 20th century, when white supremacy was ascendant and the nation’s political elites, including presidents like Woodrow Wilson, were preoccupied with segregation and exclusion for the sake of preserving an “Anglo-Saxon” nation.

Trump’s indifference to the pandemic is, in the same way, an echo of the Hoover administration, which stood by as the country was crushed by economic depression and the immiseration of millions of Americans. It is impossible (for me at least) to think about child separation without also thinking about chattel slavery and the nation’s vast trade in enslaved people, conducted over decades under three generations of American presidents, including men like James Polk, who bought and sold human beings from the White House.

The president’s personal corruption is somewhat unique — there’s never been someone in the White House so committed to the most petty forms of graft — but his lawlessness (and that of his administration) is the direct outgrowth of a contempt for accountability that stretches across four decades of Republican presidencies, from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush. The same William Barr who helped cover up Iran-contra for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush with his support of pardons is now attorney general under Trump, ready to abuse the law for the sake of the president’s re-election.

Trump isn’t the first president in recent memory to let Americans suffer and die in the face of a deadly hurricane — that distinction goes to the aforementioned George W. Bush. And he’s certainly not the first to let a plague kill thousands of Americans — that distinction goes to Ronald Reagan (of course, for his dull response to the flu pandemic in 1918, Wilson deserves that distinction too).

Trump has helped conjure ugly forces out into the open, giving aid and comfort to assorted racists and white nationalists. Yet it’s also true that these groups and individuals have always been with us and that our focus on Trump betrays a lack of attention to the ways in which they’ve grown and changed over time, waiting for a moment like this one.

Read the catalog of horribles for Donald Trump and his White House and what you find is an administration that has embraced the worst aspects of our political culture and tried to weaponize them for its own gain and advantage. But to recognize this is to see as well how it doesn’t make sense to say that we’ve lost anything because of Trump. His mark is the period he’s placed on our consistent failure to live up to our own self-image.

Perhaps more than most, Americans hold many illusions about the kind of nation in which live in. We tell ourselves we are the freest country in the world, that we have the best system of government, that we welcome all comers, that we are efficient and dynamic where the rest of the world is stagnant and dysfunctional. Some of those things have been true at some points in time, but none of them is true at this point in time.

What Trump has done is made it difficult to maintain the illusion. We can either take the opportunity to look with clear eyes and assess this country as it is and as it has been or again seek the comfort of myth.


Yes, let’s definitely hope not. Better civil war than a Neil Young concert. Crosby, Stills, & Nash? Totally down for that.


Like I’ve been saying Trump is just repacking old hate, old ideas, and the only new thing he’s added is the blatant grifting.
And though most of us, including me, like to point out his buffoonish behavior he’s not stupid. He knows how to play on people’s grievances and perceptions. But with that said he also knows how wear a soul down.
He’s not a mastermind in the planning sense, he is a master manipulator, just remember the Charles Boyer in “Gaslight”.


I guess my cultural reference is too dated.

I got it. But I also agree with arrends on the music side of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nope, not at all. Moreover, my aunt used to teach at Kent State.

Still can’t stand Neil Young.