MyPillow Founder Gets Involved In California County That Dumped Dominion Over The Big Lie

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and noted Trump acolyte, has vowed to support election administrators in Shasta County, California, after they upended the county’s election process  over some officials’ belief in conspiracy theories about a stolen 2020 election. 

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“Let’s see now, how can I make Dominion’s case for actual business damages any more airtight than it already is…?” *snaps fingers* “I’ve GOT it!”

Is that what it sounded like, Mikey?

ETA: Lindell’s lawyers, if he still has any, should be either in professional counseling or on suicide watch, or possibly both.


…getting paid in advance. I assume they are.


Small minds seem to buy conspiracy theories, lies, etc, more eagerly than people with big brains. By the way if you want a really good pillow, buy one filled with down, not one filled with chemicals as Mike’s pillows are.


Suicide watch, Epstein style.


How the fuck are hand-written paper ballots “safer” than a sealed voting machine.

“Hey everyone, we have to do a recount. Please bring all your paper ballots that you didn’t throw away back to your polling place so we can recount them.” Christ these rubes are stupid.


Dominion should definitely bring a suit against these local dimwits as well.



Shasta County is in red, and if you want logical, smart and progressive thinking and legislating you’ve got to look to the almost solid blue left coast of the state.


Shasta County is the size of Delaware but with the population of Akron, where 100% of the economy is based on one form of government welfare or another. It’s exactly the type of vast, underpopulated welfare state where right wing white grievances take hold.


And why would they sue a group of people who’ve been lied to? What’s to be gained by punishing people who are this stupid. Break fucking Lindell and take every fucking dime from him, leave him a destitute crack addict. But these people didn’t spread a lie on national television. They just believed it.


This is going to help Dominion’s damages case.


Because they can be evaluated and counted by anyone who has graduated kindergarten, no special expertise required.

Please bring all your paper ballots that you didn’t throw away back to your polling place

straw man idiocy


You are giving these county hacks way too much benefit of the doubt. Maybe they can’t prove the intentionality or the malice part of a defamation suit, but it will put the fear of god in them anyway. Dominion could bankrupt the county just by bringing them to court. Then the clowns who did this might get fired too. So why, you ask? Lots of reasons.


Long term drug addled brains cause people to do stupid things.


You can’t sue government officials for doing their job, no matter how badly they’re doing it. Well, actually you can, but you can’t win that suit.


Watching Fox news is not part of their job. Acting out of obvious political bias isn’t either.
Neither is consorting with Mike Lindell. I don’t think it would be too hard to find them going way out of bounds here. Again too, winning is not the only reason to file a suit. A shot across the bow is not an attempt to kill.


You would be wrong, and you would be retroactively constructing an imagined legal rationale from your desired outcome (throw the bums out or in jail).

…at folks who get to defend themselves on the taxpayers’ dime is a broken nerf dart.

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All you need to know about Shasta County:

Last week, in a nonbinding but revealing election, five counties in eastern Oregon endorsed a plan to secede from the liberal-leaning parts of their state and take a chunk of the State of Jefferson with them. The master plan: to become part of Idaho and then add all or parts of Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, Del Norte, Modoc and Lassen Counties on the California side of Oregon’s southern border.


Go elsewhere. Yes, Shasta is in the heart of the State of Jefferson.