Mulvaney Bails On Effort To Get A Judge’s Ruling On His Impeachment Subpoena | Talking Points Memo

Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney bailed on his effort to get court guidance on whether he is obligated to comply with a subpoena issued in the House impeachment probe after President Trump directed him not to do so.

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Looks like somebody told Mick it looks bad for him to suggest any hint of doubt about the legitimacy of Trump’s sweeping and ridiculous absolute immunity claim.

And also that he is likely to lose any privilege claim since he went out and admitted it all on national television.


The most transparent president ever!*

(*True, but not in the intended sense.)


actually, the argument wasn’t about the loss of any privilege claims – the argument was that privilege was waived for that particular conversation, not that there was a general waiver of privilege.

But the waiver of privilege over one conversation means that “testimonial immunity” would no longer apply – you can’t argue that you don’t have to show up to testify, when privilege over a conversation that you would be asked about has been waived.

BTAIM - props to Tierney Sneed for getting all the details right – especially noting that Leon is moving this case along quickly, and that the House has requested that it be slowed down!

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If Mulvaney was smart, he’d run to the House and testify now…the Republicans are about to blame all of this on him to save Trump, and he’s involved so it will be easy to do. He’s apparently to full of himself, and drunk on his belief that the deserves the power, to see the pitfalls in his path though…it will be great to watch him twist in the wind as the testimony brings up things about him and make him look bad.

Democrats are right to push ahead…Leon is actually expediting, that’s a pretty tight schedule for this kind of hearing, but the courts move slowly and there would be appeals after Republicans lose the cases. Better to charge ahead, it’s always possible they can call people in for questioning later and then put those transcripts into the public domain.


he will rely on the direction of the President

Rudy got it for me. It’s called ‘Sitting Duck’.

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Correction : A previous version of this story incorrectly described Mulvaney as a former White House chief of staff. He is the acting chief of staff.


Although, to be accurate, it would say “former acting White House Chief of Staff, ‘yes man’ and covfefe boy …”


Looks like the POS in the WH saved Mulvaney’s day, now he won’t have to have his own lawsuit after not being allowed to barge in on the other one. He’s not out of the woods, of course, but after sweating for days, there’s a solution for the time being.

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“After further consideration, Mr. Mulvaney does not intend to pursue litigation…"

Trump has Mick on a shorter leash than his Grubhub driver.


Mulvaney will be in a much more powerful position if everyone does try to blame him – especially if he has the receipts. Because once everyone says “its all Mick’s fault”, Mick owns them if he can prove otherwise.

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Hi Mick and welcome to today’s edition of Yer Fucked.
Stick with Trump “Yer Fucked”
Refuse to Testify “Yer Fucked”
Testify ? “Yer Fucked”




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Why? b/c the probability of him testifying is too much of a risk to the entire front…this sounds like someone telling trump “no”…since he’d screw them all over…

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Mick’s sweating. I suspect he picked his lawyer off the clearance rack at Macy’s.

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Hah! His attorneys must have sent Mulvaney their latest bill. Screw paying them when there are White House attorneys on the payroll!

After all, Mulvaney was on TV saying exactly what Trump did, the quid pro quo, etc. Just replay that during the hearing, and if Mulvaney wants to appear to discuss it, under oath, of course, that’s fine.


Anyone have a read on why the judge is so eager to hear this case? Is he itching to strengthen executive privilege or knock it back?


We k now that bumbling Mick Mulvaney isn’t the brightest bulb in the box…but he is a very good yes man to Trump and his children.

But what we don’t know, who the heck is Mick relying on for legal advice? Is he stupid enough to rely on Guiliani or maybe even Michael Cohen? Mick’s lawyer seems as stupid as Mick himself…not a good combo.

Mulvaney’s best way forward is to honor the Constitution and testify and tell the truth before congress…if he’s smart, he’ll realize Trump will at some point throw Mick to the courts.

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That’s because T rumpp has turned the WH into the nation’s newest Subhub.

The accumulating prices of everyone’s defense attorney’s are becoming an issue.


I suspect the consequences of contributing to obstruction of justice may have figured in his decision.

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