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If Democrats hoped that hearings with special counsel Robert Mueller would help clarify the most ambiguous aspects of his report, his testimony on Wednesday only further muddied the waters.

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one would like to think that loyalty to country would supersede loyalty to process/reputation…
silly me.


Really? That’s what you took away from this today?? Honestly???



Oops, all the air is out of the balloon. Gee, who woulda tunk it?

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He was trying to adhere to the constraints that Barr but on him.

No, I think that was you. Excuse yourself.


Не празднуй слишком рано, Иван.


What’s Barr gonna do? Run in there push the mics onto the floor?


Disappointing report from Mueller, who then got rolled by Barr. Now a disappointing hearing.

Like many here, I’d had high hopes for Mueller and his report. Not sure what he thought he gained with convoluted and opaque report language. Then he delivers same evasive approach in this testimony today. Painful to watch the whole thing.

Mueller did not step up to the moment with either Trump, Trump’s son, or the Trump campaign. At a bare minimum he should have said clearly and explicitly: if this man was not sitting in the Oval Office, I would have indicted him for obstruction of justice. History will not be kind to Mr. Mueller.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Mueller is a coward. Here’s a guy who could without a doubt end Trump’s presidency. But he decided that playing things by the book was more important than protecting the country.


Mueller asked for the constraints.


FWIW, my most chilling moment.

Robert Mueller on Russian attacks, Republican indifference, and Trump’s collusion: It may already be too late to repair the damage.


Mueller’s been working really hard to be as obtuse as possible as far as I’m concerned.


Trending on twitter.


Oh, gosh, listen to Cummings. If you want to have a democracy intact, for our children and our children’s children and generations unborn, we have got to guard this moment. This is our watch.

Pay attention. I’m begging you.


The people in charge refuse to play by the rules or obey the law.

And Boy Scout Mueller shows up, after Barr said he should’ve made a determination, and plays by the rules never getting around to that “whole truth” part.

What else could’ve happened but more “confusion” …

… on a topic that is as clear as day with facts that are not even in dispute?

It’s all spin and “interpretation” when there’s a Special Prosecutor THAT CAN’T PROSECUTE!


I think we should be careful about blaming Mueller for failing to tell everyone what his report says when the report speaks—literally volumes—for itself. Everyone is free to read that report. Everyone should read that report, or at least be careful about from whom they are seeking the truth about what it says. Democracy does require a little work on the part of the citizens. It is because people are willing to rely on what others (like Fox News and Bill Barr) are telling them regarding what the report says that we are mired in this confusion and weighed down by misinformation.


Following Mueller and his report, a reasonable person would think that this Russia stuff would not be part of the conversation.

But I guess the reasonable persons have left the building.



I thought that the afternoon hearings pointed out the cooperation with Russia. This certainly can be used in the next election. What were people expecting? The drama was heightened by cable news which now has become a total entertainment medium. Muller did his job and some of the questions were spot on. The only thing cable wants to know is if we will have impeachment hearings. That’s their next TV show.


Spanky is perilously close to destroying all standards for behavior, speech and epistomology. It’s time for people who care, to assert what we know: the Mueller report shows our country is threatened by foreign actors and by a president who welcomes those actors and tries to cover up their actions. It’s all there in black and white.


Just happen to catch democratic commitee chairman and speaker Pelosi on their reaction to Mueller and the
hearings today and before taking questions there was a moment of LAUGHTER really madame speaker ?
It was like watching a ballon lose all its air and I personally found nothing FUNNY there.