MS GOP Elections Official Clutches Pearls Over ‘Woke’ Students Being ‘Forced’ To Vote

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson (R) is deeply troubled by the fascist notion that it should be easier for students to vote.

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Fascists should be troubled that their efforts at suppressing legitimate votes will be met with increased efforts to register voters despite their tactics.

We’re coming for you anti-Democratic motherfuckers and we outnumber you.


Automatic voter registration…then mandatory gay marriage…it’s all part of the inevitable march to the end of life as they knew it.


Such hand wringing over the franchise.

I’m sure this guy would be apoplectic over what we do here in WA where you’re automatically registered to vote when you get a driver’s license, and every registered voter gets mailed a ballot whether they ask for it or not. We even have a “Future Voter” program where kids 16 or 17 years old can sign up and be automatically registered when they’ll hit 18 by the next election day. Horrors!


Given that educational attainment is so strongly correlated with voting Democrat, they should probably just go ahead and abolish education.


“Automatically, it’s forced on them: ‘Hey, go make a choice.’ Our country’s going to pay for those choices,” Watson added…

He’s got a point.

Start letting an educated electorate with people like college students vote, and before long, you’ll have democracy!

Maybe even – gasp – representative government!!


(Hyperventilates into paper bag)


“Future Voters”? That’s exactly like Hitler Youth. There must be Future Voter rallies with Two Minutes Hate sessions directed at Nathan Bedford Forrest.


Unless those kids are politically aware (and many are), those ballots will end up in the trash anyway.

I’d prefer to have voters request them, rather than just send them. The opportunity for voter fraud is kind of high if someone just trashes their ballot and a second individual with malevolent intentions fills it out on the kid’s behalf for their own choice of candidate.


“You’ve got an uninformed citizen who may not be prepared and ready to vote.”

He’s got a point.

He should advise his base accordingly.


Motor voter has been place in Connecticut since the 70s. Used to tick off my mother’s cousin who was the Republican Registrar of Voters in his small town. Back in the day, registrations were kept on index cards and, for every motor voter registration he got, he had to flip through all those cards to see if the person was already registered - most times, they were. So it was a nuisance task on his part.

Today, with computerization, it’s probably a whole lot easier, but he’s been gone since the early 2000s, so he didn’t benefit from the new systems.


The evolution of the term “woke” interests me. In 2015-16, it was used by white supremacists speaking of themselves and others as being “woke” (aka red-pilled) when they “woke up and realized” their interests are best served by allying with others of their “race”. Out of nowhere it suddenly started being used to describe the opposite of that and no one ever called out this weird re-minting of far-right terminology


That’s a remote enough possibility not to worry about. First, it means someone has to be digging through garbage cans to find an unused (and un-soiled) ballot. That’s a time-intensive and risky way to rig an election.

Second, there is an automated process that checks your signature on the ballot with the one on file. It triggered for my wife in the 2020 Dem primary, because her signature changed enough over the 20 years since we moved here. She got a form in the mail, entered her new signature and her vote was recorded. This would block any attempt for a 3rd party to forge a signature, unless they were also hunting for other paperwork in the garbage that might include a signature. Again, pretty remote risk for fraud here.


MS GOP Elections Official Clutches Pearls Over ‘Woke’ Students Being ‘Forced’ To Vote

Oh, FFS.


The rules vary state to state, but typically the ballot requires a signature or other means of verifying the person who filled it out is who they say they are.

“You’ve got an uninformed citizen who may not be prepared and ready to vote,” he continued. “Automatically, it’s forced on them: ‘Hey, go make a choice.’”

“We have to protect these impressionable youth from themselves. First, you give them a ballot and the next thing you know they’ll be getting peer pressured to ‘toke up’ the weed and who knows where it will go from there!” he continued.


Yes, and we know just where to look for it.


I wonder what the trend in Bates County, MS trends toward?
All this hysteria over voting is kind of funny. It comes around quicker than the 13 or 17 year cicada cycles, and just as noisy.


"Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: Voter Suppression Version."


I very much doubt that most will end up in the trash. The easier you make it for people to vote the more likely they are to vote. Some kid who would otherwise not vote might receive their ballot and take five minutes to fill it out. Plus, they already do this in several states and there have been no instances of mass voter fraud among people who discarded their ballots. It’s just not possible. You’d have to go through everyone’s trash every day in hopes of finding something that may not even be there.


It’s 2021. You’d think we’d have evolved to something better than what someone scribbles on a piece of paper to validate identity.

Maybe the unique tracking number on the GatesChip™?


Good LORD these white supremacists are twisting and turning and WORKING to stop people voting…'specially those STUDENTS! I mean why the hell would educated little socialists want to vote?