Morning Memo: Trump Organization CFO Surrenders To Law Enforcement | Talking Points Memo

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things.

Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer, turned himself in to authorities early this morning, a day after a Manhattan grand jury returned an indictment against him and ex-President Donald Trump’s company, Weisselberg’s lawyer told CNN.

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I think I can get accustomed to Indictment Thursdays.


This will mark the first day he has actually worked for his money. His job is and always has been to stand in front of DJT. He will do the time like a champ, too.


After 7 months of whining even Fox has gotten bored with it all and cut his border rant out of their broadcast. Sad.


Sincere question here, because IANAL:

What does it mean, in a legal sense, to hand down criminal charges against a corporation but not any particular person? Who/what is punished in such an instance, if not individual people acting on behalf of thte corporation?


If the corporation is convicted it can be fined, put into receivership and even closed down. Even though these state charges seem like small potatoes, they may also be “predicate acts” for a federal or state RICO prosecution. My guess is that is what is going on here. The prosecutors probably picked something that is easily provable to establish “predicate acts” for more serious charges.


Actually, from what I’ve heard he was the person who actually ran Trump’s bullshit companies, while 'Lil Fat Donnie just posed for the cameras and schmoozed on the phone all day and displayed his florid ADD. Trump may have ordered him to do this or that, but he was the guy who actually made it happen. Guilty as fuck IMO and the “I was just following orders” defense doesn’t hold water. I hope that he eventually rats the Trumps out. Although, Trump may well have issued a secret pardon for him before leaving office. If so, the question of whether corrupt pardons are lawful will eventually be tested.


There must be some legal term for “pulling the threads” that eventually unravel the entire fabric.

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Or TLDR: Trump Lost, Donnie Routed


I’m amazed this is already over, with the surrender part.

It’s only 8:30a here in the east and he’s already in custody. Most folks weren’t even awake at that hour.

Maybe another act under cover of darkness??

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Beginning of the end, Jackass.


These people aren’t hardened criminals. They’re not like the Sopranos where they spend their lives in and out of prison and going to prison is just part of the job. This guy may have never had a traffic ticket. A 73-year-old man who has never been in trouble doesn’t do time like a champ. There’s no such thing.

A president can’t pardon someone for state crimes. These are state crimes.


Shh. Don’t tell him. And I was actually referring to any looming fed charges.

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I don’t need no stinking mask! Being in Donald’s presence protects me from those weak and sad germs!

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I’m sure turning oneself in to State authorities that have one by the short hairs probably clears one of remembering to bring a mask.

I’m being sarcastic, but I know it wouldn’t be the first thing I thought to bring with me under these circumstances.


You don’t think all public buildings have extra ones to give out? He’s actually entitled to one per his rights. I think he’s just being an overcompensating Trump asshole, like all of them.


As was noted in another thread, federal pardons have no bearing on state charges.

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That’s a possibility.


Any secret pardon will not help in NYC or NYS to my understanding.