Morning Memo: Senators To Brief Biden On Stripped-Down Infrastructure Deal

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things.

The bipartisan talks in the Senate have advanced enough for senators to brief President Biden today.

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Miami Beach Building Collapse: 1 Dead, Search and Rescue Underway – NBC New York


I can’t :heart: that. It’s devastating.


That picture reminds me of the OKC Murrah Building after the bombing. This is terrible.



Can she even read
anything longer than 14 pages? Can she even read?

A-Aron (@GunnySmurf) June
23, 2021

Pretty sure 14 words is her limit, provided they make up a specific sentence.


I already read that the building was to have its 40 year inspection soon. One person familiar with the buildings construction and maintenance said the collapse went against everything known.


Hillary clearly did it, with a Jewish Space LASER.


Imagine if you knew someone in that building. Then think about your comment. Thanks.


It would be interesting if Biden were to show that picture and ask if they are happy with this stripped down version?


The GOP House of Cards is about to topple.

Makes no difference whether the push comes from us or the Planet.


Republicans sure are fascinated by Hunter Biden.


Must admit made me chuckle,

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I guess they’ve run out of material to bash Hillary.


The 40 year inspection started yesterday morning. They begin on the roof and work their way through the building. MSNBC had an interview with someone from the City of Surfside (where this is actually located). She said there is another identical building.

100 units in this building, the collapse took out 50. The majority of the units are long-term residents, not vacation rentals.


Such a tragedy. My first thought was how has climate change affected the structure of the building. The part that collapsed faced the ocean. The infrastructure legislation will save lives. Hope this becomes a powerful motivation for passage of the bill(s).


  • The nitty gritty of the agreement remains publicly unknown. The “pay-fors,” a major sticking point in Republicans’ refusal to get on board with Biden’s sweeping infrastructure plan, haven’t been publicly detailed yet.

Reading this makes me think of Ammon Bundy and his campaign announcement for ID Governor. It was reported that he wants to do away with state and federal income taxes. Well the last one he would have no power over, right? But to do away with the state income tax…well then how will they fund the ID state government?
I know that there are states that have no state income taxes but I’m still not clear on how those states manage if they’re not a vacation or tourist destination. I think that property taxes must be higher in these states, along with sales taxes.
Which then circling around back to Republicans and infrastructure I can’t wait to hear how they want to pay for it.


Bye-bye, midterms.

This is why Democratic-leaning voters don’t usually turn out: there’s no reason to. The Republicans will have their way no matter.

This really sucks.

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Could they get bipartisan support? :rofl:

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OT, but oh look, another “mother of two” who is a lifelong Republican political operative accepting billionaire charter school lobby money to ASTROTURF white fright in hopes of bringing white subrubria back into the GQP fold:

Won’t see any mention of this in the article that describes this Wonder-Karen as merely a “mother of two”…
2010, Account Executive, BIGfish Communications, Boston, Mass.
2010 – 2010, Digital Director, Oz Griebel for Governor, Hartford, Conn.
2010 – 2012, Assistant Account Executive, Waggener Edstrom, Boston, Mass.
2012 – 2012, Press Secretary, Scott Brown for U.S. Senate, Boston, Mass.
2013 – 2014, Regional Press Secretary, National Republican Congressional Committee, Washington, D.C.
2014 – 2014, Press Secretary, Scott Walker for Governor, Madison, Wis.
2015 – 2015, Communications Director, U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Washington, D.C.
2015 – 2016, National Press Secretary, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Washington, D.C.
2016 – 2017, Communications and Media Advisor, Presidential Transition Team, Washington, D.C.
2017 – 2017, National Spokesperson, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.
2017 – 2018, Special Assistant and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. Heather Wilson, Washington, D.C.
2018 - present, Special Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. Heather Wilson, Washington, D.C.


People like DeSantis and Rubio are smart enough to know the damage their policies (to use a common, acceptable word for the garbage they do) cause.

They. Just. Do. Not. Care.